American Girl Molly

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American Girl Molly is an 18” doll that was one of the first three dolls introduced in 1986 by the founder of American Girl, Pleasant Rowland. The other two dolls were Kirsten and Samantha. The American Girl company produces a line of dolls and accessories depicting young, pre-teen girls from historic and contemporary periods. The doll’s full name is Molly McIntire and she is a 10-year-old historical character from 1944.

The American Girl Molly doll has medium brown, braided hair and large grey eyes. She sports a pair of round spectacles and her skin is fair. Molly is growing up in Jefferson, Illinois during World War II. Molly’s father is a physician stationed overseas aiding soldiers wounded in the war. Molly wants the war to end so that her father can come home and be with the family. Through her life challenges, Molly learns the importance of pulling together.

Molly is dressed in a navy blue argyle sweater worn over a removable collar. She wears bloomers underneath a navy blue skirt. Her thick hair is tied with red ribbons and she has black Mary Jane shoes on her feet. The doll’s body is made from soft cloth and the movable head and limbs are vinyl.

There are six beautifully illustrated books in the Molly series beginning with ‘Meet Molly’ that introduces young girls to Molly’s world. She is a patriotic and lovable girl, learning about setting and maintaining priorities on the home front. Molly’s books also focus on team work and family adaptation to her father being overseas. A movie entitled Molly: An American Girl on the Home Front premiered on the Disney Channel on November 26, 2006.

Origins of the Name Molly

Molly is a diminutive of Mary. It originated from the Irish Gaelic name Maeili meaning “wished-for child”. As Moll is a name for a gangster’s gal, Molly was not a favoured name for girls in the past. Molly is also the reference of a popular song called “Molly Malone”, set in Dublin, Ireland, of a young girl fishmonger who dies of fever.

American Girl Molly is an attractive doll whose story encourages young girls to set the right priorities and work as a team to face challenges. Molly reinforces the importance of family adaptation in an ever-changing landscape.

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