Rental Properties in Tasmania Australia

Looking for rental properties in Tasmania Australia? Find the right rental property in Tasmania Australia by reading ahead…

From short-term rentals to long-term tenancy agreements, rental property in Tasmania Australia is available for a variety of tenants. There are excellent fully furnished apartments that are designed in a boutique style. The majority of the apartments are rented out on varying lease terms and durations. Rates are slightly higher for a one night or one week rental as compared to a monthly tenancy agreement.

High End Historical Residences for Families

Located on Hampden Road in Hobart, an exclusive apartment can be home to a family or a couple. Some of the options like the Mentone House property are available in partially furnished condition. The property at 6 Church St. Hobart is actually a historical house, which was the former home to the master plasterers known as the Paton brothers. This beautiful location offers high class accommodation options and rents are very reasonable for the status and location that this wonderful rental property in Tasmania Australia offers.

Studio and Executive Apartment Rental for Businessmen

For those who prefer a studio apartment or small set up close to the central business district in Tasmania rental properties are available exclusively for businessmen and bachelors. The independent units can be rented out on short-term or long-term basis depending on the requirement of the traveler. If someone is coming in from out of town and requires a Tasmanian rental property for the short-term then the one bedroom or two bedroom units in the central business district offer an ideal choice. Not only are these economical but also convenient in terms of navigation and controlling transportation costs.

A studio apartment located in the heart of the central business district is fully equipped and fully furnished so that a tenant can simply move in with their personal belongings and occupy it for the required duration. Located at 2/252 Argyle street in Hobart the fabulous apartment has the right amount of security and is very convenient. It is possible to rent out an executive apartment for businessmen. A good option is available at 3/307 Evans Street in Hobart. Located in the heart of the district of Hobart these executive apartments have high-quality finishings and fittings. Offering contemporary interior, the modern fixtures make the entire premises very livable. Located a short walk from the central business district and Salamanca area a businessman has an opportunity to enjoy the perfect rental property in Tasmania Australia.

There are unfurnished or furnished bed sets available along with a washer dryer and laundry services, which are separate but on site. A roof secured car-parking bay is available for residents.

A family looking at two bedroom houses can locate close to the central business district. There is a separate lounge as well as the private courtyard for the family to enjoy. This makes it a comfortable home for the duration of the rental agreement. In some cases an on street parking permit is required in order to utilize a parking spot during the tenancy.

Number One Collins Street is home to some of the best executive apartments in Hobart, Tasmania. It offers some of the more flexible rental properties in Tasmania Australia. This region is popular because it is close to the waterfront, Hobart GPO and the historic location of Salamanca Place. The high-quality residence is fully equipped and secure. Residents can utilize the gymnasium and heated pool. Available for rent on a short-term or long-term basis, each of the split level units offers two large bedrooms with en suite bathrooms. There is a separate office and powder room, while European fittings and appliances are part of the kitchen and laundry room. Ideal for a family with children, the home is the perfect location for a businessman looking for a secure and safe location for the family. A separate office, two bathrooms, a powder room and all European appliances are included.

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