Settebello in Australia

Want to dine at Settebello in Australia? Learn more about the Australian Settebello cafe, which is an Italian style eatery located in the fabulous central business district in Brisbane…

Considered a very funky mix of retro-chic and contemporary interiors, the Settebello cafe in the Central Business District is popular all over the world for a unique dining experience.

This unique cafe opened up to a great response from the locals. Even though it did not have signage, a telephone or business cards, its following grew by word of mouth among seekers for a good food outlet. Business boomed in the first week of its launch.

Interior Decor of the Settebello in Australia

The very pleasingly decorated interior has a very futuristic yet retro-style feel. The gleaming marble bench tops on the tables beautifully offset the shiny black tiles on the walls. An opulent style is in evidence when it comes to the light fixtures, which are placed strategically next to wicker chairs for a contrast with the heavy marble. The communal-style tables are finished with a wood veneer and are reminiscent of the 1970s home kitchens many of the locals have grown up in.

Directions to Settebello in Australia

Located within walking distance from the intersection of King and Bourke Street, the Italianesque cafe is situated on the northeast corner of the Little Bourke and Hardware. This very quaint cafe uses a kitsch style for its decor and is filled with natural light.

Menu at the Settebello in Australia

You can enjoy the delicious coffee and small pastries, which make for an ideal dessert that is neither heavy nor calorie laden. Other than that the eatery offers pizzas by the slice that are extremely delicious and nutritious.

Featured is an amazing Italian pizza known as pizza al taglio, which has become a prime favorite of regular patrons of the cafe. The cafe has many different entrees as well as soups on the menu. The Italian pastries and focacce complement the menu along with arancini, which is completely authentic Italian fare. The slice of quite pricey Pancetta Pizza is heavenly with fillings like olives, spinach and ricotta cheese.

An amazingly nutritious and filling soup contains potato and leek and is accompanied with sliced and toasted focaccia bread.

The best way to end the meal is with the unique Italian pastry. A good option would be an Italian brioche with creme and sliced apples. The authentic Italian coffee is the perfect finale to the meal and is strong and flavorful.

Meaning of the Italian Phrase Settebello

The name Settebello is actually translated as “the trump card”, which is part of the card game called Scopa, which is played in Italy.  If you play this card during the game not only do you have an upper hand with the strategic advantages, but also receive some bonus points for playing the settebello hand.

The delicious menu at this Italian style restaurant has made it famous in the Brisbane CBD. Offering a quaint environment for a wholesome dinner with friends or a nutritious business lunch, the Settebello is perfect for all occasions.

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