Sytycd Australia

Want to watch Sytycd Australia? Learn more about Australian Sytycd the popular dance program known as So You Think You Can Dance Australia…

Sytycd Australia is the Australian version of the American dance show and the actual name is So You Think You Can Dance Australia. It is actually a well-known reality television program with the format of a dance-off series.

Hosted by Australian TV personality Natalie Bassingthwaighte, the program has three judges Matt Lee, Jason Coleman and Bonnie Lythgoe. In February 2008 the first season was aired on the television network and continues to date as one season, but is into the finals running over three months.

So You Think You Can Dance adopted the popular acronym Sytycd Australia Season 1 auditions were held before it was aired on TV. These were held in Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide to choose talented contestants to perform on the show. The contestants were selected from those contestants who performed well and created a good professional impression after a choreography workshop. There were one hundred finalists chosen from these cities and then taken to Sydney for a whole week to attend auditions to eliminate everyone but a near-perfect and talented group of 20 individuals. For the final event an arena was created in Sydney for 600 audience members and a grand prize for the finalists was announced as Australian Dollars 200,000 in cash, along with Optus phones, Panasonic cameras. Perhaps for a dancer reaching the top the most coveted prize of all was the award of the title and recognition as Australia’s Favorite Dancer.

Highlights of the Sytycd Australia Series

The first person to win the title was Jack Chambers followed by runner-up Rhys Bobridge. Some of the finalists went on to perform in the Australian Idol New Years program after gaining polish and experience under the Sytycd Australia banner.

There were many licensing and copyright issues that arose in the first season. The program directors were proactive and made it mandatory for each of the dancers attending second season auditions to bring only pre-approved copyrighted CDs of the music that they would dance to. The objective of the program is to get more of the industry dancers onto the television program rather than having amateurs perform consistently. Sytycd season three will be aired in 2010.

Ratings for Sytycd Australia

The first season, which premiered in February 2008 had the highest program on TV on 3rd Feb. the program of Sytycd Australia reached a peak of 2.15 million viewers and was the top-rated program garnering 1.83 million viewers, a record for this timeslot. The subsequent episodes of the program have also had very remarkable figures, which reached a peak of 2.04 million and 1.94 million viewers respectively.

Controversy on Sytycd Australia

Basically the program focuses on dancers who compete with other talented members and are judged by audience members as well as professional judges. The judges must be highly qualified in terms of their understanding of dance but there is a lot of controversy surrounding one of the judges known as Jason Coleman who has been deemed to be under-qualified by critics of the program to serve as a judge on the panel. Major criticism is also evident from the mainstream media and the dance community in Australia; mainly regarding the way dance is represented on the show. This is quite unfortunate as the program was initiated with the hope of attracting members to the Australian dance industry.

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