Argentina Package Tours

There are several Argentina package tours available. For more facts and information on Argentine tours to suit your taste read our guide…

There are many travel businesses which offer all inclusive, customizable, package tours to Argentina. Tours are usually based on special interests of visitors to Argentina and a great variety of package tours are available. Although they are usually based in a particular city or area, some tours offer internal flights or other transportation to different regions of the country.

Tango Tours

Most tango tours are based in Buenos Aires and include visits to the top milongas (tango studios) in the city. These package tours do not usually include side trips to nearby points of interest like Iguazu Falls or historic estancias. Tango lessons may be included in the price of some tours and travel, accommodations and meals are usually included in tours booked through travel agents.

Tours of Aconcagua

The second highest peak in the world, Aconcagua attracts thousands of tourists each year. Some come to climb to the summit while others come to hike and camp in the provincial park which surrounds the mountain. Package tours to the area are available but usually do not include the cost of permits, park admission or travel to the mountain. Most do not include accommodations in the city of Mendoza where the majority of visitors spend at least one night.

Wine Country Tours

Wine country package tours may include the cost of travel if booked through an agency. They do include accommodations and meals and travel between vineyards. Similar in character to the Napa Valley tours in California, these packages allow visitors to see different wineries and sample the best food and wine the area has to offer. Some upscale vineyards offer resort like amenities and the prices for these tours vary widely.

Pampas Packages

The pampas are a vast region of flat grassland covering about 800,000 square miles between the Atlantic Ocean and the Andes Mountains. Most package tours to this region offer accommodations at an estancia (ranch), meals and activities including horseback riding and cattle drives. Estancias  differ with some offering the amenities of an upscale resort. Working estancias offer fewer amenities but allow visitors a glimpse into a way of life that has changed little in 300 years. The cost of pampas package tours depends on the type of accommodation and the individual estancia.

Package tours are also available for golfers, fishermen and skiers in areas all over Argentina from Buenos Aires to Tierra del Fuego. Tourists wishing to book package tours should check with travel agents in their native country or in Argentina.

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