Trekking Holidays in Australia

Taking up Trekking Holidays in Australia? Learn more about amazing Australian trekking holidays or walking holidays…

Australian trekking holidays provide the adventurous an opportunity to discover the natural splendor of the magnificent country. With companies operating for more than 30 years, the itineraries are extensive and can help create the experience of a lifetime.

 Trekking Australia – Breathtaking Holiday Plans

From discovering the mountain terrains to walking for miles along the ocean, you can select a scenic route. The rest is taken care of by an experienced provider. With the great amount of walking involved, the comfort of trekkers is taken into full consideration.

A walking holiday is your chance to get fit while taking in the exotic wonders that nature has gifted Australia with. For a person who enjoys walking, an Australian trekking holiday idea is a perfect choice.

Type of Trekking Holiday

The types of trekking holidays in Australia range from guided to self- guided treks. A support structure is in place for both types of holidays and the self-guided holiday is complemented by the Inn to Inn service. Through this service, clients are provided a route and bookings in associated inns, which serve as the resting posts during the treks.

The Great Ocean Road Trekking Route

Trekking in the Blue Mountains is considered one of the best routes among global Australian trekking enthusiasts. This route can be navigated with or without a guide. This well-known World Heritage Area is recognised for its Three Sisters rock formation, which is famous with geological enthusiasts across the globe.

The Great Ocean Road Trekking Holiday

Starting off from the south coast of the city of Victoria in Australia is the Great Ocean Road. It is comprised of a sandy stretch of beaches that are interspersed with cliff tops and have many forested walking tracks. Providing a wonderful experience for the trekking enthusiast, this route is not only comprised of picturesque visuals offered by the landscapes, it is also magnificently endowed with coastal beauty in the form of countless other natural wonders.

Structure of The Trekking Holiday in Australia

The holiday includes a trekking route that moves the adventurous person from one bed-and-breakfast to the next as they walk through the National Park. The advantage of using a reputable trekking holiday service provided in Australia is that the luggage is moved ahead while the person continues to take in the magnificence of the natural beauty and walks in unencumbered peace. The holiday organiser designs the living arrangements and stopping points.

The group trek can also be organised using the services of an experienced tour guide who has knowledge of the entire route. There are different destinations that one can choose from for both an individual or guided trek.

Travel Itinerary for Australian Trekking Holidays

For the Blue Mountains trekking holiday the itinerary offers a short trip option. There are basically three options, which include guided, self-guided or weekend trips. There is an option to select customised trips for individuals as well as private groups. The itineraries range from trips of 4 to 7 days and there is an option to choose a guided trip on the weekend for a shorter experience.

When it comes to the Ocean Road trekking holiday the options again are self-guided or guided, but there is no weekend trip. The itinerary ranges from 5 to 9 days and there’s an option for a customized group trek. The guided trips can be started at any time of the year and are offered for groups of two people or more. There is an option to join a previously organized guided tour trip also.

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