Italian Greyhound Health Problems

Is your Italian greyhound sick? Want to know what’s causing the health problem and how to treat it? Our guide provides useful facts & information on some of the most common problems associated with Italian greyhounds.

The Italian greyhound is a rather delicate dog. This makes it prone to the effects of weathering as well as other factors that may have a detrimental effect on its health. This includes the dog’s diet as well as the environment in which it is residing. Breeders are generally the most well informed people to consult for health issues regarding the Italian greyhounds. Certain diseases are carried forward as hereditary diseases which only a breeder can inform you about. An amateur may well purchase a healthy looking Italian greyhound that could have dangerous diseases on the inside.

There are some peculiar health problems that the Italian greyhound breed is prone to develop.  Heart problems and arthritis happen to be amongst the most commonly found problems in the Italian greyhound. An important point to mention is that Italian greyhounds are not the most vulnerable species to these diseases. When you compare the immune system of the Italian greyhounds to that of other dogs you will find it to be stronger this is why they are generally known to live healthy and long lives.

Loose stool

One of the most commonly found problems in Italian greyhounds is that of loose stool. In some cases this is the result of unregulated diet. If the dog gobbles down food stuff that its digestive system cannot sustain then it results in doggy poop all over the place. Another reason may be bacteria or worms in the stomach that hinder the process of effective digestion thus resulting in loose stool. When over eating is coupled with lack of adequate exercise then the result is the same. Your vet will be able to prescribe you the appropriate medication but it must be coupled with the proper protective measures like a healthy staple diet and regular exercise.

Common Diseases in Italian Greyhounds

There is another common health problem found in the darker haired Italian greyhounds known as Alopecia which results in hair loss. The Italian greyhound can also develop night blindness and in some cases total blindness when the cells in the retina begin to die. This disease known as Progressive Retinal Atrophy has no real cure as such and the dogs should be scanned yearly for this disease. Epilepsy is another disease that the Italian grey hound may inherit down the breeding line.

The Italian greyhound is a breed that has very sensitive legs and teeth. These two regions often develop complications and one is required to take special care of them. Leg breaks are common in this breed. This is because the unattended canine may make a jump that can cause the leg to break. As it is this particular breed is not known to possess a superior sense of judgment when it comes to calculating speed and distance. The other and more serious health problem with the Italian greyhound is that concerning its teeth. Food tends to stick to the tiny teeth of the canine which eventually results in decay. This results in various infections on the gum line if left unattended. Teeth problems can have a snowball effect on the Italian greyhound’s health hence it is important to maintain their cleaning.

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