Italian Gold Horn

Have you ever felt some one is jealous of you and can harm you with their evil intentions? Do you believe in the “evil eye” and its harms? If so, the best way to protect your self may be by wearing an Italian gold horn.

From ancient times, Italians have worn horns as protection. These days they are worn more as a style and fashion symbol as compared to protection. You can find this popular amulet in silver as well as gold, but gold looks classier. To know more about Italian gold horns, read on…

 Horn or Corno

In Italian, “corno” stands for horn and “cornicello” roughly translates into little horn. The horn is a popular Italian amulet. It is supposed to protect one from the evil intentions of others. Mostly it is made of silver or gold or even carved out of red coral. Usually it is shaped like a twisted horn of an animal. Over the years, Italian horns have become stylized pieces of accessory and have become a fashion statement. More over, they showcase that their wearer is proud of his culture and traditions.

Historic Background

Before the advent of Christianity in Italy, the Moon goddess was considered very sacred. She had horns. Thus, horn shaped jewelry was worn to show respect for the moon goddess as well as to ward off any evil. When Christianity took roots in Italy, the moon goddess was replaced by the Virgin Mary, who was shown to be standing on a lunar crescent. Thus, horns remained sacred for all. Other beliefs indicate the horns as having sexual powers and bestowing good luck on the wearer. Sometimes the horn is worn along with a cross for better protection against all kinds of evils.

Italian Horns

In the beginning, the horns were shaped out of red corals but gradually the crafty goldsmiths of Italy started making them in silver and gold. Why? Because Italy is so in love with silver and gold jewelry. For a country which uses and processes around 500 tons of fine gold alone annually, it is not at all astonishing. And the fact that this love of gold jewelry making started about 3,000 years ago in Tuscany makes it even more understandable.

Italian Gold Horns

The standard of Italian gold is 18 carat, however higher and sometimes lower carats are also used. Carats are units to measure the gold content in any gold alloy as pure gold alone cannot be used because of its fragility. Usually nickel, silver or copper and sometimes other metals as well, are combined chemically with gold to form alloys. As the prices of gold are sky rocketing day by day, the master gold smiths of Italy have shifted to lower carats and less weight of gold. Usually charms and amulets like Italian horns are manufactured in lower carats as 14 k to keep the prices more affordable and the jewelry to be more durable.

The prices of Italian gold horns are very reasonable. Although, they vary considerably depending on the size and height of the horn, not to forget its carats, yet you can find one easily. On average, a 14 k Italian gold horn 9-10 inches in height can cost you a mere $30. So, when are you buying one?

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