French Chefs Mugs

Have you developed a new interest in French chef mugs? To find out about the different kinds of French chef cups and mugs read our guide for more facts and information…

For a while now French chef themed décor has become a favourite collector’s items. These are available in different kitchen items such as utensils and are not just popular with foodies or amateur chefs. Many people find different ways in which to implement French themed items into their homes.

French Chef Themed Items

Some of the most popular French chef items include kitchen towels, salt and pepper shakers, utensils, walls hooks, wall clocks, aprons, t-shirts and of course coffee cups and mugs. The mugs are the most popular of these items because they do not change the existing appearance or décor of the home. They are just fun pieces to have and collect.

Most of these items include images of stereotypical caricatures of French chefs as being overweight older gentlemen with large chef’s hats, checkered pants and big moustaches. These are usually cartoon drawings depicting the chef’s doing different tasks in the kitchen. Sometimes these include jokes as well.

These mugs are available in different colours and can even be custom ordered. One can order special chef mugs to include things like the names of people or places. These make especially popular gifts with recent culinary school graduates or foodies. The chances are that these people are likely to have all of the latest cutting edge gadgets already, so it makes more sense to buy them something they likely do not already have. With the thousands of different kinds of French chef themed coffee mugs it is very unlikely that the person that you are buying for already has the exact same mug.
It is also a good idea when buying a gift for someone else to consider buying a unique set of these themed mugs, cups, plates, utensils and serving dishes.

Caffe Latte Mugs

A morning tradition in France is to have milky coffee out of café’ au lait bowls. ‘Café au lait’ simply means coffee with milk. These bowls are different from regular coffee mugs in that they are bigger. However, they are smaller than traditional soup bowls. These provide a fun way to introduce some French culture into your home. One can order these online. There are even antique café au lait bowls, however, these are very expensive as the bowls are used every day in French homes and so experience the usual breakage, and wear and tear of daily uses and washes.

Where to Buy

There are many retailers who sell these items online. Because they are sold online there are hundreds of different French chef’s mugs to choose from. Additionally, because they are sold online they are reasonably priced. Shipping usually takes just a few days.

Even ordering customized mugs does not put a huge dent on the pocket. One can also order travel coffee mugs with French chef themes.

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