Austria Earrings

Austrian earrings come in a wide variety of designs. Find out about the different designs that the Austrian jewelry artists have to offer to their customers.

The earring is an important part of jewelry for women and in some cultures even men. From time immemorial women have used earrings to adorn themselves for their loved ones. Anything attached to the ear through a piercing on the earlobe or another external part of the ear is considered as an earring. This is something that the Austrians excel at producing.

Austria has earned a good name for itself as a leading producer of jewelry in the world wide market. It is only recently that the country has come into the lime light in the jewelry industry. Locally however the tradition of jewelry crafting has been present for quite some time.

The Austrians are specially known for the wide variety of interesting earrings that they produce. There are many places on the ear where earrings can be worn. The most common amongst them is the earlobe followed by the rook, tragus and the helix. The collection of Austrian earrings features items suitable to be worn in all these places.

Austrian earrings are made using a wide variety of building materials. You will find the earrings to be made out of a variety of metals as well as plastic and glass. These may be decorated with different kinds of precious stones and beads. The design variety is just as diverse. Small loops are by far the most popular design for Austrian earrings. Studs and large plates with dangling items are also commonly available. Austrian earrings range from the smallest of studs to the biggest of earrings.

The different styles of Austrian earrings

1. Stud earrings

The Austrian earrings made in the form of studs give a floating front on appearance as the connection with the pierced hole is not visible from front on. Generally you will find these studs to be constructed on the end of a post. This post then penetrates straight through the ear. It is held in place by a friction back or clutch from the back of the ear.

2. Hoop earrings

These are circular as well as semi circular in design. In its appearance it looks a lot like a ring. The most common way that these loop earrings are constructed are using metal tubing that has a wire attachment which penetrates the ear. There are many different kinds of hoop earring versions in the Austrian earrings variety.

3. Dangle earrings

This form of design is quite unique as it allows the earring to flow from the bottom of the ear lobes. The dangling object can vary in length. Thin wires are used to attach dangle earrings to the ear which are held in place using a hook. There is another version of dangling earrings that does not have a hook at the end. Both these designs are extremely popular in Austria.

4. Huggy earrings

As the name suggests such earrings are actually hugging your earlobe. They can be found in many different varieties of shapes and sizes.

These are the basic varieties of design and styles when it comes to Austrian earrings.

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