Yucca Mesa California homes for sale

Interested in home sale by owner property Yucca Mesa California? Learn more about owner property home sale in Yucca Mesa California…

The Yucca Mesa California real estate market sees a good healthy turnover of homes available for sale by owners. Generally the owners handle the sale of property in Mesa California without the use of an intermediary broker. Beautiful residential real estate is available in the esteemed mountainside setting of Southern California. Houses can range from 1500 to 2000 square feet. The mountainside property is classified as a house or mansion depending on the number of bedrooms. Basic houses located in this region have three or more bedrooms and can go all the way up to six bedrooms.

Prime Properties

The properties are private addresses and some of them on Belfare Drive are considered prime properties sold by owners themselves. A general three-bedroom house would have two bathrooms and one powder room, while the more luxurious mansions would all have en suite bathrooms.

Most of the homes in this region that are for sale are less than five years old. Homeowners basically invest in property and wait till it is a good time to sell off. A basic 1600 square foot home would be built on a plot size of 2 1/2 acres making it a beautiful landscaped area.

If you’re looking for a new home in the area then most of them are advertised privately by the owners in the classifieds. Purchasing a new home in the Yucca Valley is very convenient. Some of the great properties are located on the Yucca Valley – Joshua Tree border.

Types Of Fittings in Prime Housing in Yucca California

Owners usually furbish the house with appliances and furnishings prior to selling it. Some high end properties are available with home theater systems and a separate room dedicated to entertainment. In case of a buyer who is not interested purchasing a house with furnishings, the total price of the items can be discounted by the owner.

Most of the homes in this region are modular or manufactured homes. This means that they are constructed in a modular home construction company warehouse and then transported on a flatbed truck and lifted by a crane. They are settled on the freshly poured concrete foundation and the house is finished up on the site. With excellent construction quality, the insulation in these houses that are newly built is par excellence. The non-standardized 2 x 6 wall studs create more room for insulation. However, with the detailed attention to its construction the homes do not feel like manufactured or modular houses.

Considerations When Purchasing Property in Yucca Mesa California

Look for property located on the main roads and contact the owner directly. Check for the title document and mortgage details, as you will not have a broker to do the fine print and checking for you. If you’re interested in the quality of the house then you must ask for contact details of the modular home construction company that was responsible for building the particular house that you are interested in purchasing. The main advantage of purchasing directly from the owner is that you eliminated the broker fees. However, you must be well-versed in property purchase in California to attempt the sale in a safe and legal manner.

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