Austria Kufstein

The Kufstein city of Tyrol has many attractions for tourists. Find out about the sites to see and the activities to engage in during the summer and winter seasons in Kufstein.

Kufstein is a city situated in the Tyrol province of Western Austria. The exact location of the city is on the Inn River that lies close to the border with Germany. The city is a popular vacation resort for both the winter seasons as well as the summer.

There are a number of important manufacturing industries situated in the city of Kufstein. The most prominent of these industries is the production of skis and skiing related equipment. Skiing is the national sport of Austria hence there is a great demand for skis and their related equipment. Kufstein serves as the central production place for these items. Other important industries include the production of armatures, metal ware and glass.

The great castle of Kufstein

Amongst the major attractions of Kufstein is the Kufstein fortress. It is the main landmark for the city. People often refer to the fortress as Geroldseck although this is not its proper name. The magnificent fortress sits on top of a hill that commands Kufstein proper.

The history of the fortress tells us that it belongs to the time period around the 12th century. It has been heavily preserved over the passing centuries and only a little portion of it is exactly what was constructed in that century. The Upper Castle Barracks are the true relics in this massive structure as the rest of it has undergone heavy reconstruction.

The castle has been modified in many ways. It has been enlarged at times and at other times it has undergone some aesthetic changes in order to make it more modern. The best preserved medieval part of the wondrous castle is the emperor’s tower. When the military took over the castle it added many fortifications to it. The last of the major modifications came in the early 19th century when the different barracks were created.

The Kufstein castle serves the purpose of a museum in which there are relics of the days gone by. At the same time the castle is still one of the largest ones in Austria and by far the most impressive piece of medieval architecture in Austria.

Things to do in Kufstein

There are many things about Kufstein that make it a top class holiday resort. It is a family friendly region with lots of activities for the whole family to engage in. Kufstein is also rich with a number of unique nature reserves that offer an enthralling experience to the visitors.

The winter season is packed with tourists coming in to enjoy the winter sports activities. Skiing is but naturally a popular activity in Kufstein. But more than skiing the region is known to have an interest in snow boarding. The region holds a number of important winter sports events with the main activity revolving around snowboarding.

Kuftsein is an equally good summer holiday resort with tons of summer time activities for visitors. This includes amazing walks through the exciting natural reserves. Hiking, mountain climbing and theme walks are also popular. Other activities include horseback riding, paragliding, gliding, beach volleyball, canoeing, rafting, mini golf and much more.

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