Swedish Army Firesteel

The Swedish Firesteel is going to give you the best spark ever, and will ignite almost any flammable material. Read our guide for more facts and information…

It all started when the Swedish Army wanted to give their soldiers a way of making a fire in almost any situation.  After many trials and errors, they came up with a small tool that is very fail-proof.  It instantly replaced matchbooks and other types of fire starters and became a hit amongst soldiers.  It was designed to give a 3000 degree Celsius spark or 5,500 degree Fahrenheit spark (which is more than sufficient to set just about anything alight), with a few strokes.

Versatile in all conditions

This fire starter had to work in any weather and at any altitude.  Subsequently it became a must-have item for mountain climbers, especially those who climb the snow-capped peaks of the world.  Another benefit of having guaranteed fire is in wet conditions.  The jungles and forests can be pretty soaked at times, with torrential downpours almost every day.  With the Swedish Army Firesteel at hand, you will not have to concern yourself with wet fire material, as it will spark at a moment’s notice using only a small pile of grass, paper or other flammable material at hand.

Apart from being a great fire lighter, it can also become a signal in times of emergency, as it will give you at least 12 000 strikes.  It is also approved by the ISIA (International Survival Instructors Association). Many armies around the world also use the Firesteel because of its dependability. It is also an absolute favorite amongst hikers, campers, hunters and anglers.  It is also very handy at home, lighting stoves and gas barbecues.

Small enough to fit in your pocket

The Swedish Army Firesteel is designed to fit snugly in your hand with a comfortable handle to grip.  It also comes in different colors such as brown, black and oak. It can be worn around your neck or in your pocket or backpack.  It is also a great gift to give and can be easily personalized with your company logo or a person’s name.

Easy to use

All that is needed is for you to have a small stacked amount of lint, grass, paper, cotton wool or other flammable material. Grip the Firesteel with one hand and place it near the pile of material, hold the striker with the other hand between your thumb and forefinger.  Position the striker against the Firesteel while slowly forcing the striker down the Firesteel.  Within a few strikes, you will have a fire.

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