Austria Seefeld

Interested in getting the insight into Seefeld Austria? Find out what the region has to offer to its travelers and why it is being considered as the ideal vacation spot.

Seefeld is a unique plateau that lies in the heart of Europe. Commonly known as the Olympiaregion Seefeld, the region has a history that has a deep link to the old trade routes that used to go through the Inn valley towards the modern day Southern Germany. The Romans had an important settlement at Augsburg. For this purpose they fortified the route that led through the region. Even today there is a place on the plateau known as the Roman way.

When we take a look at the documented history of Seefeld we find records dating back to 1022. It was discovered that the region was known as Sevelt in those days. The region gained importance due to an age old legend that was associated with the region known as the Legend of the Host. This drew many pilgrims from surrounding areas which led to the expansion of the region.

The first traces of tourist accommodation can be traced back to the beginning of the 15th century. At this point in time the villagers thought it to be necessary to build a guest house in order to be able to accommodate the flow of visitors. The first ever guest house was built as an extension of St Oswald Parish Church.

Today the Olympiaregion consists of five different tourist offices. Initially it was restricted to Tirol but now envelopes the whole of the Seefeld plateau. The village of Mosern situated in the Upper Inn Valley is known as the swallow’s nest. Leutasch is another village rich with hamlets, fields and mountain streams with hidden valleys. The gateway to the Alpine Park, the town of Scharnitz is considered to be a part of the Olympiaregion Seefeld. The region also incorporates the cosmopolitan village which is the heart of Seefeld. Reith is an amazing sun terrace with unmatchable natural beauty.

Life in Seefeld

The people of Seefeld live very different lives as compared to the rest of Austria. We find that religion still has a hold on the lives of the majority in the region. Religious congregations are a common feature in the summer season in Seefeld. These are held at the beginning of the summer season. Another major festival is the feast of the Guardian Angel held near the end of the summer season.

Seefeld also has many local organizations and clubs that play an active role in the society. The volunteer fire brigade is an organization that arranges many small events during the summers.

Since Seefeld lies at the very heart of Europe it has excellent communication links with the rest of the continent. Road, rail and air connections are extremely convenient and can well facilitate the travelers. All these factors combined have contributed in making Seefeld a favored tourist spot in Austria.

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