Austrian Crystal

Have you been taken aback by the glitter of Austrian crystals? Find out where they come from and the wide range of crystal related products that the Austrians produce.

Amongst the many different things that have gotten the country of Austria fame and fortune is crystal. Over the years the country has become a renowned producer of some of the most amazing crystal items that the world has ever seen. Not only is the country a leading producer of crystal it is the pioneer in giving the world a whole range of crystal related items that can be used for various purposes. When you talk about Austrian crystal the name Swarovski is bound to come up. It is this company that innovated the range of precision cut lead crystal glass along with other related products.

The person who is remembered as the instigator of the Austrian crystal revolution is known as Daniel Swarovski. The man was an excellent glass cutter and jeweler who began the manufacturing of lead crystal glass jewelry in 1892. The company Swarovski was founded by him in 1895 and is still regarded as the leader in Austrian crystal items producer.

The Special Crystal

The traditional Austrian crystal also known as Swarovski crystal is specially designed in order to maximize refraction. This is done with the help of the extra amount of lead that they use in the manufacturing of crystal which constitutes about 32% of the product. These crystals are then used to manufacture many different kinds of products such as sculptures and miniatures. Crystal jewelry is perhaps the most out reaching item made out of Austrian crystal. Then you have different couture and home décor items as well as exuberant chandeliers.
Some crystals radiate a rainbow spectrum through refraction. Such crystals are specially coated with a metallic chemical coating in order to produce the desired effect. One of the most popular coatings is known as AB. This is the coating that produces a rainbow oil slick appearance on the surface of the crystal. Crystal transmission, Aurum, Dorado and Volcano are other popular coatings. Coatings are applied in different ways to the Austrian crystal. Some objects may only be partially coated whereas others may have a double coating.

The Crystal Craze

Austrian crystal has had a significant impact on the culture of the country. The credit for this trend goes largely to Swarovski who has done a lot to bleed the crystal into the Austrian culture. The company is known to have decorated a Christmas tree with crystals. The company has also set up an indoor theme park known as the crystal world. The place offers a unique and majestic experience to the visitors who are taken aback by the interesting use of crystals.

The crystal craze has swept over the public as the company has come up with a new range of Active crystals which involves combining the use of crystals with electronic gadgets. USB memory sticks, headphones and Bluetooth ear pieces decorated with crystals are amongst the new line of crystallized products. Irrespective of the particular domain you look into one thing is for sure; Austrian crystals are in fashion all over the region.

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