Indian Motorcycle Floorboard Pads

Motorcycle accessories are perhaps the best gifts (short of a new bike) to get for a motorcycle enthusiast. Indian motorcycle floorboard pads are accessories that are a little different, and that will be welcomed by any biker with scuffed, worn floor

Indian motorcycles are a breed apart to begin with. Those who love this American brand are unusually dedicated and often want to show the world that this is their bike. Motorcycle accessories are a great way to do this. There are accessories that stay apart from the bike and accessories that go on the bike itself. Motorcycle accessories run the gamut from jewelry to tank decals to floor pads.

There are numerous motorcycle accessories that are designed for women biking enthusiasts. Leather bike jackets, gloves, and chaps are often available in women’s sizes because just buying the scaled down men’s size doesn’t result in proper fit. Boots are also a great accessory for women who love biking. Boots with double zip sides are easier to get into and out of than other styles.

A great motorcycle accessory that goes on the motorcycle itself is a throttle rocker. These go on the throttle bar to reduce fatigue in the hand and wrist that comes from holding the throttle in place for long times. This is almost a necessity for long distance riders rather than an accessory.

Another accessory/necessity is a windshield. But remember that riding with a windshield is a different experience from riding without one because the wind diverted by the windshield cause the bike to behave a little differently. Another option is eye protection. You can get sunglasses that have interchangeable lenses for different lighting conditions at most motorcycle dealerships.

With Indian motorcycle enthusiasts, bags are one of the best accessories. There are numerous styles and colors of bags made to go on any Indian model, and they are indispensable for traveling with your gear. And a custom seat can make a long ride much more comfortable.

One accessory that you might not think of would be a set of floorboard pads with the Indian Motorcycle script logo. If your current floorboards are old and scratched up, a new set of Indian motorcycle floorboard pads will spiff up your bike nicely. They are made for Indian Chief or Spirit model bikes.

When most people think of motorcycle accessories, they think of key chains, hats, decals, and articles of clothing. But sometimes the coolest accessories are the ones that are useful as well as decorative.

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