Austrian Knife

The trademark knife from Austria is a product of war. Find out why the knife is gaining the appreciation of a world wide audience as it continues to exist in its natural form without needing any makeover or modifications.

Austria was a major player in World War 1 which led it to develop many different kinds of arms and ammunition in order to defend its borders. From some of the most advanced weaponry of those times to something as simple as a knife, the Austrians strived to produce all sorts of gadgets to help them in their battles against the enemies. On the face of it a knife is something not that complicated in fact it is one of the simplest weapons known to man. Austrian knives however have something special about them and they played a major role in the military during the war.

The days of war are long gone but the popularity of the Austrian knife continues to sore. In fact the Austrian knife is more famous and much more widely accepted and appreciated than it has ever been since its inception. The improvements in the means of mass communication have enabled a world wide audience to get a glimpse of the knife that fought the war. As a result they have started to appreciate this simple yet highly effective weapon; the Austrian knife.

The Knife and its multiple uses

Basically the Austrian knife is the original knife of the Austrian army since the days of the war. The knife still remains an integral part of the military memories and has become a trademark tool for the armed forces. The blade on the knife is a high carbon 17 cm blade. The knife is known as the Olive Drab Glock knife in the country. The development of the knife took place under the watchful eyes of the Special Forces known as the Rangers. This was done in order to make sure that the knife meets the requirements of the army. The knife exists as it was created back then even today. The Austrians have refused to make any modifications in the knife as it is known to give excellent performance and functions to fulfill the purpose. The design has received far greater acceptability today as more people have become enlightened about the effectiveness of the tool.

The blade on the knife is of excellent quality almost good enough to cut through steel. Slicing through objects is not the sole great feature of the Austrian army knife. Rather these knives have been especially designed for throwing. Their perfectly balanced body makes them ideal and easy to throw on target. These field knives can be rightly termed as multipurpose knives because of the wide range of applications that they have.

The Austrian knife is an excellent addition to the first aid kit and it is just as good to crush the bones of a fresh kill for hunters. The knife has cross bars which also act as a shield for the hands and can be used as bottle openers as well. The armed forces have used these knives to break windows and ammunition boxes. Today a large number of law enforcement agencies and special units equip their staff with this military green colored knife from Austria.

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