Austrian Names

Interested in knowing what names are common amongst the Austrians? Find out as we take a look at the unique sounding names with interesting meanings.

Naming a new born is quite a challenge for most parents. There are a number of things that parents must consider before tagging their baby with a title. A name is like the first gift for the baby, a gift that lasts even after the baby has grown to become an old man and passed away. Parents often like to go with unique names so as to give their children a sense of individuality. With an uncommon name the child will stand out as it is and hopefully be remembered amongst a crowd. The other important factor, although not an imperative, is that the name should have a decent meaning as well.

Austrian names tend to have both these qualities ingrained in them. Although you will find that many Austrian names have different origins but this is largely due to the fact that Austria was once part of a huge empire that covered many different lands. Annemarie is one of Austria’s popular names for baby girls. The name has German origins like many of the other Austrian names. The uniqueness of this name is that it was actually derived by combining two separate names. Hence the name Annemarie is actually a fusion of Anna and Maria. The name is quite popular and is prevalent in German, Dutch and English speaking countries as well.

The name gained currency during the 18th century as in those times the two names were very common and given in pairs which eventually led to their being in fusion.

Unique Austrian names

If you are looking to give your young one a truly unique title then the Austrian name “Amadeus” is bound to satisfy you. This particular name crept into the Austrian tradition through the Latin language. Not only is the name a unique sounding title rather it has a great meaning which is “Love of God”. So here you have an Austrian name with those dual qualities that make any name a great name.
The name is commonly used in English speaking countries and is derived from the Latin word “amare” meaning “to love” and “dues” meaning god. The famous Austrian composer Mozart had it as his middle name.

The Austrian library of names has equally unique sounding names for girls as well. For example the name “Astrid” is bound to attract attention. This name also has those dual qualities of unique sound and great meaning especially for a girl as it means fair and beautiful. This particular name originated from Norse. Although unique the name is used in Dutch, German, Swedish, Norwegian and English speaking countries as well. The name is a compound name formed from the amalgamation of two distinct words which were united over time.

Emmalina is yet another interesting Austrian name. This name for females has German origins and means all-containing or universal. It is a fancied form of the common name Emma and is common in many English speaking countries. Another unique Austrian name is Isidor which has obvious Greek origins.

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