American Indian Horse Names

Want to learn more about Indian horse names? Read on for an interesting list of unique Indian pet names and find out about the meaning of each Indian horse name…

Indian Americans have had a strong and deep relationship with horses throughout history. Horses served as their primary mode of transport and the animal was also regarded as being a strong medicine symbol. The natural Association of Indian Americans with horses has contributed to the popularity of Indian horse names.

It is known that the native Indians were very proud of their horses and even painted them with various symbols depending on the functions they were supposed to perform. The tribes of Mexico and Texas are credited as being amongst the first tribes to name their horses. Some of the most popular Indian horse names are as follows:


This is an all-time classic Indian horse name that can be assigned to a stallion or a mare. It is perhaps the most popular pet name to have originated out of the native Indian traditions. This unique name is not necessarily reserved for horses but people around the world name their dogs, birds and other pets with this title. Although the meaning of this name is not known to many people it still has a universal appeal.

However, the thing that you have to be careful with when assigning this name is the fact that it may be difficult for your pet horse to recognize this name. This is primarily because it is made up of three syllables. Apache is actually the name of a historical native Indian tribe.


This is yet another popular Indian horse name which has been inspired by a Native American Indian tribe that goes by the same name. In fact, the Cherokee tribe is amongst the most popular Indian tribes. Just like the previous name, Cherokee is well suited to both genders. Ever since the release of a four wheeler with the same name, this popular horse name has become synonymous with power and speed.

However Cherokee is a rather long name which may be difficult for your pet horse to recognize. Despite this it is one of the most popular Indian horse names around.


If you want to get a strong taste of Native American tradition in your pet horse’s name then this is an excellent choice. Unlike the other longer Indian horse names this one is relatively small and should be quite easy for your pet horse or other pet animal to recognize as his own. The name Cochise actually belonged to a popular Native American warrior in history.


This is yet another unique sounding yet versatile Indian horse name that can be used for a variety of different pets and suits both genders. However like most Indian names this is also a three syllable name which can be somewhat difficult for your horse to recognize. Since this is a very special sounding name you need to make sure you have a horse that is well-suited to carry his title.

The complete list of Indian horse names is quite extensive but the above-mentioned are some of the most popular Indian names commonly used for horses and other pets.


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