Popular Austrian Recipes

Interested in knowing what the Austrians like to eat? Find out as we take a look into the origins and influences on Austrian food along with some of the most common Austrian recipes.

The Austrian cuisine occupies a special place in the culinary heritage of Europe. Although known for its amazing sweet dishes and pastries the Austrian cuisine is loaded with many interesting recipes that have won the hearts of millions all over the world. There are a number of factors that have contributed in the making of the Austrian cuisine, its variety of dishes and its methods of cooking. When we observe the history of the nation we find that it occupied an important place in Europe as the multi ethnic center of the Austrian empire as well as the preceding Austro Hungarian Empire. This is the reason why the cuisine of the region stands out as it features a host of multicultural recipes. As the Empire once stretched over Germany, the Czech Republic, portions of the Balkans and of course Italy, we find that all these regions have had a significant impact on the cuisine of Austria.

As a result of the above mentioned facts Austrian food stands unparalleled in terms of its diversity and cross cultural variety of recipes in Europe. There are many variations influenced by local factors such as traditions and regional differences. The geography, climatic conditions and the availability of ingredients are factors that have influenced the different kinds of dishes. There is a great variance amongst the methods of cooking as some have been adapted from foreign cultures whereas others have been developed in different local regions. Finally by 1918 the country had come into its own and had a formalized cuisine that remains the same till date apart from a few contemporary influences and modifications in the recipes.

Famous Austrian recipes

Like many of the European nations the Austrians love to eat and that is quite obvious from the wonderful recipes that form its cuisine. Amongst the most popular dishes is the Wiener schnitzel. This is a traditional dish featuring slices of meat, most commonly veal but turkey is also used in some places. The slices of meat are dipped in flour and egg and then covered with breadcrumbs. The pieces are then deep fried until golden brown. Wiener schnitzel is served with potato salad and a slice of lemon on the top.

Knodel is another popular item on the menu of the Austrians. There are many variations to these traditional Austrian dumplings. They are made using potatoes, dry bread and even bacon in some cases. Knodel is generally served as a side dish and at times consumed with soups as well. The goulash is probably the most famous item to rise out of Austria. Although the actual origins of these beef stew can be traced back to Hungary but it still occupies a central place in the Austrian cuisine. The main ingredients in the recipe are beef, onions, peppers and paprika for flavoring.

The Tafelspits is another popular item which consists of boiled beef and root vegetables. Amongst the most popular dessert items are the Sachertorte which is made with dark chocolate icing and apricot jam glazing. The Austrians are also fond of sugar sprinkled pancakes known as Palarscinken and the crescent shaped biscuits with nuts and vanilla known as vanillekipferl.

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