Styer Austria

The ancient town of Styer has many wonderful things to offer to its tourists. Find out about the significance of this region and how it has developed into a favored tourist spot today.

Styer is amongst the most important places in Austria. This interesting town is situated in the Austrian Federal State of Upper Austria. The exact location of the town of Styer is at the confluence of the rivers Enns and Styer. The town has a long and winding history with many interesting elements that give the town of Styer its identity.

Amongst the many things that Styer is known for is the fact that it is home to many manufacturing plants of different kinds. This is the reason why it is known as a manufacturing center. Steyr Mannilicher is a firearms manufacturer that has one of the most prominent manufacturing plants situated in Styer. Steyr Tractor and Steyr Automobile are other significant manufacturing plants in the region.

Steyr is a place that has a history dating over a 1000 years. In fact it was in 1980 that Steyr celebrated its 1000th anniversary. It was at this point in time that the Austrian authorities decided to restore this ancient town. As a result it is now considered to be the best preserved old town in Austria.

The majestics of Styer

The Stadplatz is the most famous place in Steyr. It is the historic town center of the region. The town square has been excellently preserved for several hundred years. The post World War era saw massive restoration efforts being made in the region. It has many interesting architectural relics that display the gothic style of architecture. The Bummerlhaus in the region is one of the finest displays of Gothic style architecture in Central Europe.

The precise location of the town of Steyr gives it a majestic look. It has the two rivers of Enns and Steyr flowing through it. The two rivers meet at the town center where the Babenberg castle and the church of St. Michael are situated. Due to the presence of the two rivers the threat of floods is ever present in the region. Much damage has been caused by flooding over the many years gone by.

Towards the south of the city you will find a series of hills that rise up to the Alps as they stretch across the land. The Northern region sees the hills rolling downwards to the confluence of the Danube and Enns Rivers.

The town of Steyr has been home and inspiration to some significant figures in history. The famous Franz Shubert wrote his Trout Quintet while he was visiting the region on holiday. Another prominent figure from the region is Anton Bruckner who was an organist for the local parish church. Even the infamous Adolf Hitler spent his teens in the town of Steyr.

The region of Steyr has also witnessed many battles as it became one of the many battlegrounds between the Social democrat and Christian social parties. This was during the period described as the Austrian Civil War which resulted in the development of the fascist corporate state. Today the ancient city has all the modern amenities and is considered to be a favored tourist spot for globe trotters.

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