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Irish Setter

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The Irish setter is a breed of dog that was originally developed in Ireland in the 1700s. This breed sprang from several other breeds of dog, namely the early Scottish setter, the setting spaniel and the old Spanish Pointer. Irish setter breeders had cross-bred several pure bred dogs to develop the present Irish setter breed. The Irish setter was bred mainly as a dog for hunting and was also used for the pointing of upland birds.

The Irish setter breed was brought to the United States in the early 1800’s. Breeders of Irish setters were partial to its rich red fur which hung medium length down its body. Some Irish setter breeders had dogs with patches of white fur but as Irish setters with a red coat frequently won in dog show competitions, the breeders switched to breeding Irish setters with pure red fur. The Irish setter’s Gaelic name is Madra rua which means ‘red dog’.

The Irish setter was not popular in field hunting championships and as a result English setters were used to cross breed with the dog, resulting in fierce competition between Irish setter breeders and Red setter breeders. This controversy between breeders has helped fuel the popularity of the Irish setter among the general public. The Irish setter breed is very swift on its legs. It is the fastest among the setter breeds. Skilled in cross country terrain, Irish setters have an exceptional sense of smell.

Irish Setters as Family Pets

Irish setter breeders are quick to point out that this canine breed is both playful and friendly among humans, and therefore make excellent family pets. Not naturally aggressive, Irish setters are good around children. They are an energetic breed and require a fair amount of running around to expel the excess energy. Being a pure bred dog, the Irish setter can be susceptible to genetically inherited conditions such as epilepsy, hip dysplasia and progressive retinal atrophy resulting in blurred vision and perhaps eventual blindness.

Irish setter breeders have long been particular to the rich red fur of this spectacular championship dog. Ideal for field hunting and as family pets, the Irish setter is an exceptional breed to own.

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