Brazilian Blowout Vs Keratin Straightening

Brazilian blowout and Keratin straightening are hair treatments for straightening frizzy hair, and the ingredients involved and end results contribute to their difference. Read our guide for more facts and information…

There has been a tremendous advancement in hair styling techniques and hair care products. Hair straighteners have brought a sigh of relief for women, who often face the problem of managing unruly and frizzy hair or unmanageable curly hair. There are temporary treatments that last from weeks to months and permanent treatments as well.

Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Brazilian Keratin Treatment or BKT coats liquid Keratin on the hair, along with a preservative solution, sealing them using a flat hair iron. It is done on hair that has undergone any chemical treatment, whether it is bleached, colored, permed or relaxed. The main point is to eliminate curls, waves and frizz and if performed precisely it can relax fifty to eighty percent of curls, depending on the hair texture. The process involves coating the hair with the Keratin mixture, leaving it to set, blow drying by sections and ironing the hair strands. The formula contains formaldehyde and stylists may put a mask over themselves and the customer. After the treatment, the person should not wash the hair, and should not wear a clip or ponytail or push the hair behind the ears for the next four days. The entire process takes nearly three hours and the treatment lasts for ten to twelve weeks, provided the precautions are followed. A sodium free shampoo is recommended for aftercare.

Brazilian blowout

The Brazilian blowout allows a good extent of volume and body for the hair, as it does not straighten it completely. Hence, the hair can be styled for curly locks and waves after the treatment. The process involves the use of clarifying shampoo to wash the hair, and application of Brazilian blowout solutions. The hair is dried, flat-ironed to seal the solution and rinsed. The formula contains a super-nutrient complex with a polymer system that helps coat protein around the hair shafts. After the application of a conditioner, it is blow-dried. The entire process takes about one-and-a-half hours, and the hair can be washed anytime after the treatment. The treatment lasts up to three months longer if a sulfate-free shampoo is used.

Comparison of the treatments

BKT uses a Keratin formula that contains formaldehyde in varying levels, which is known to be a carcinogen and poses a health hazard for both the clients and stylists. Formalin present in the styling solution turns into formaldehyde upon heating during the ironing process and causes hazardous fumes. Brazilian blowout is less expensive and takes only half the time when compared to BKT. It is free from formaldehyde as well as other aldehydes and carcinogens. It allows clients to see the end result on the very day of styling, as the hair is rinsed in the final stage of the process. BKT on the other hand allows washing only after four days. Though BKT gives longer lasting results, the curls become visible at the hair roots once the hair grows in.

Though neither of the two treatments is permanent, Brazilian blowout is safer, cheaper and simpler when compared to Brazilian Keratin Treatment.

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