Japanese Fashion Designers

Interested in fashion from Japan? Find out about the leading Japanese fashion designers and their works.

The post World War II era has scene a drastic social and cultural change in Japanese society. The country that was known for its conservative mindset and traditional norms has both absorbed a multitude of foreign ideas and concepts and reached out to all corners of the world with its own innovations.

Amongst the many revolutionary changes that have sprung up in Japanese society is the style consciousness. From the office executive to the house wife and the school going teen the whole society has become far more conscious of how they come across in terms of their physical appearance. Over the course of the changing times many new fashion trends have developed and certain names have gained world wide recognition in the fashion design industry.

Formidable Fashion Designers from Japan

Amongst the many fashion designers that have managed to create waves on a global scale is the designer known as Rei Kawakubo. He is the founder of the world famous company that goes by the name of Commes des Gracons. Although an untrained fashion designer she managed to work together with pattern makers to establish her self as an authority in the field. Her women’s boutique is held in high esteem by fashion critics from all over the world.

Junya Watanabe is another formidable name in the list of Japanese fashion designers that have managed to make it big on a global scale. The artist initially worked as a pattern maker for Comme des Garcons but then later launched his own label in the year 1992. This particular designer is famous for promoting the avant-garde style with revolutionary cutting concepts and highly innovative draping techniques.

Another unique and daring fashion designer to originate out of Japan is Limi Yamamoto. She is a second generation fashion designer who has taken on the aesthetic traits from her father who happened to be a fashion pioneer named Yohji. Limi specializes in producing conceptual clothing targeting cerebral women. She is known to stick with black, white and navy colours.

Ritsuko Shirahama deserves mention in the list of formidable Japanese fashion designers. She has been in the business since 1984 when she first launched her own label. The designer has over fifty retail outlets in ten countries which is looked upon as quite an achievement. Her typical clothing line includes knit dresses, 3d graphic tops, bomber jackets and long ribbed jackets.

Amongst the latest fashion designers to be making a scene in the market is Tao. Known for her feminine and playful clothing line the designer is noted for her creativity when it comes to making women look good. Her style is romantic and her clothes are very personal.

Jun Takahashi is another renowned Japanese fashion designer credited for laying down the foundations of the Japanese giant label “Undercover”. The brand that has now taken the country by storm started out as a small partnership between Jun Takahashi and her classmate.

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