Brazilian Butt Lift Workout

Brazilian Butt Lift is a workout program that aims at toning and lifting the butt with a unique technique to exercise the target muscles from several angles. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Most exercise programs consist of back and leg exercises, such as squats that workout the butt to some extent. However, they lack specific exercises to focus on the specific muscles that enhance and tone the butt. The Brazilian Butt Lift claims to be a proven means to reduce, tone and lift the butt through a combination of dance, cardio and lower body moves. The program has rendered productive results and has been used by bikini models from the huge bikini modeling industry of Brazil.

Overview of Brazilian Butt Lift

The program, created by Leandro Carvahlo, a legendary Brazilian fitness trainer, is based on Brazilian dance moves, lower-body sculpting workouts and cardio-training exercises. It aims at reducing the hips and thighs, while shaping and lifting the butt. It is an excellent program for beginners as it consists of pre-workout instructions to explain the signature moves and then goes on to the basic warm-up exercises. It is followed by lower body sculpt workouts, high and tight workouts, upper body exercises, cardio workouts and normal abdominal routines. The basic six-step routine consists of squat arabesques, side squats with leg lifts, straight leg lifts, diamond leg lifts, scissor jumps and Capoeira squats. Kickboxing and aerobics sessions that are designed as variations from the aforementioned exercises are usually included in fitness classes.

The unique Triangle Training technique

Brazilian Butt Lift is based on a unique Triangle Training method, which involves the three main muscles of the butt namely, gluteus minimus, maximus and medius. The workout focuses on these muscles from many angles to make them firm and render a shapely lift. The multiple-angle workout helps shape the rest of the body parts, including arms, legs and the chest. It also serves to melt away stubborn fat from the belly and thighs in due course. As with any exercise, consistency is important, and results are effective if the workouts are performed twice or thrice a week, with half-an-hour of cardiovascular activity.

Considerations and effects

It is advisable to consult with a doctor or fitness advisor, with particular regard to medical conditions and previous injuries. The Capoeira Squat, an integral part of Brazilian Butt Lift, might cause knee injury on account of the posture. Further, squat Arabesque workouts and side squats done with leg lifts require supportive footwear to protect ankles and knees. Upon feeling pain or discomfort, it is advisable to discontinue the particular exercise. It is important to stretch at the start and end of the session to minimize injury. The program gives detailed instructions about the number of sets and repetitions and the steps for executing the exercises.

Though family genetics play a vital role in toning the body structure, proper and consistent implementation of Brazilian Butt Lift results in a curvy structure with a well-toned and lifted butt.

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