Brazilian Hair Weave

Brazilian hair weave involves real human hair that is weft on one’s scalp to render a firm and long lasting weave so that the woven hair can be styled like natural hair. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Hair weaving enables people to improve their hairstyles by adding to the thickness and length according to their desire. It is a process whereby human hair or synthetic hair is attached to one’s existing natural hair via braiding and weaving techniques. Also known as hair integration or hair intensification, the process involves weaving onto a cornrow of natural hair, or strands of natural hair. In some cases, it is hand-woven into a fine cap-like mesh and attached to the natural hair.

Brazilian hair weave

Brazilian hair is known for its silky texture, owing to the genetic factors involved in its authentic origin. It offers a natural match for most types of hair ranging from Caucasian types to the African-American types. Unlike synthetic and other ordinary hair weaves, Brazilian weaves retain their softness, rendering a natural appearance, and they are also re-usable. The weaves are either single strands or wefts; the former consist of tiny groups of strands attached to the natural hair, while the latter, also called tracks consist of a continuous group of strands, which are connected at the top, but the bottom edges are left loose.

Brazilian hair weaving procedure

Initially, the person’s original hair is braided onto the scalp in a horizontal or vertical manner. It is done in such a way that the resultant micro-braids form a cornrow. The weft hair is then sewed on the cornrow using a thick thread. The thickness of the thread allows the weave to retain its firmness for longer durations. The extent of weaving depends on the hairstyle requirement, and the procedure takes four to five hours for completion. In this process, the original hair is not necessarily mixed with the weave, as all of it may be braided on the head for sewing the weft hair.

A bonded weave attaches hair extensions to natural hair with special glue, and a fusion weave uses hot wax for the purpose.

Aftercare requirements

Brazilian hair withstands styling treatments such as coloring and perming. It should be maintained with appropriately formulated shampoos and conditioners. While washing braided weaves, the shampoo should reach between the weft rows and after a thorough rinse, the hair must be blow dried, as it is likely to retain moisture. While braided weaves and bonded weaves last for almost eight weeks, weaves made by fusion method lasts up to almost three months.

With proper maintenance, Brazilian hair weaves retain their beauty, without unraveling, slipping out or pulling out the original hair.

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