Closure Brazilian Hair

Closure Brazilian hairpiece is used to cover up bare areas on the head to render a realistic hairpiece that can be parted in any direction. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Brazilian hair provides a realistic look, regardless of the kinds of extensions it is used in. Apart from providing length and volume to existing hair, it is used in wigs and hairpieces to cover up hair loss. Most often, when hair loss starts becoming visible or baldness starts setting in, people seek for a solution, but they do not want to commit to a full lace wig. The closure hairpiece comes to the aid, as it allows the wearer to retain the natural hair alongside the closure.

Overview of the Brazilian closure hairpiece

It consists of a hand-tied piece with a natural hairline, designed to augment hair extensions for the top area of the head. The closure hair is not styled, and hence the wearer can cut, style, straighten or roller-set the hair to get the desired look. The silk base used for the front hairline gives an undetectable natural appearance. Since the natural hairline is absent, a Brazilian closure gives the versatility of a natural-looking hairstyle, with different ways to part and style the hair.

Installation procedure

The basic step is to cornrow the entire head with small braids that lie flattened on the scalp. The closure is set on top of the head such that it covers the crown of the head. With the help of a sewing needle and thread that resembles the hair color, the stylist sews through the closure and cornrows, beginning at the outer side of the closure and working in a circular pattern inwards to the center, and then knots off. The cornrows of the existing hair serve as an anchor for the closure. Apart from the top closure, extensions can be sewn into cornrows around the head matching the pattern of hair growth.

Advantages and aftercare of closure Brazilian hair

The base of the closure hairpiece is made such that it resembles the scalp, and it is most suitable for individuals looking for a means to cover the balding area alone and not the entire head. As the mobility of hairs is likely to be high, it is more susceptible to loose strands or fraying. However, with proper and good hygiene practices, the closure is likely to last for months at a stretch and even over a year. It is more affordable, though it requires a lot of patience and careful handling both while installing and removing.

Closure Brazilian hairpiece, an excellent solution for balding heads, allows the wearer to comb and style the hair with a part on the top, side or middle of the head so that it gives an illusion of real hair.

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