The Best Surfing in Brazil

If it is surfing you are after then Brazil has an abundance of beaches that will please most surfers from beginners to old hands. Here we look at some of the best surfing spots Brazil has to offer

Although not traditionally identified as one of the world’s hottest surfing spots, Brazil does have excellent beaches and many surfing professionals. As the whole right hand side of the country hugs the Atlantic coastline there are plenty of waves to get stuck into. The best surfing spots are in the south of Brazil, especially in the state of Santa Catarina. Other good spots include Sao Francisco do Sul and Praia da Joaquina (where the Brazilian surfing championship is held). Outside this region there are also Ilha do Mel (Parana) and Ubatuba (Sao Paulo).

Around Rio there are also a number of good waves at Saquarema, Buzios and Itacoatiara. Close to the city of Rio you can also check out Barra da Tijuca where a round of the annual World Championship Tour takes place.

Outside of these two main surfing hubs there are also a few other spots worth looking into. In the state of Espirito Santo there are beaches with breaks of 1 to 3 metres high. Up north the better spots include Itacare and Sitio (Bahia) as well as Fernando de Noronha (Pernambuco).

For something a bit quirky check out the national pororoca surf championship which takes places in Sao Domingos do Capim (Para). The event takes place at the time of the full moon nearest the March equinox as this is the time when waves are formed by the tidal bore on a tributary of the Amazon river.

If you are traveling to Brazil for some surfing, here are some handy surfing phrases in Portuguese for you:

* Surfer: surfista
* Wave: onda
* Surfboard: prancha
* To break: quebrar
* Are there any waves?: Tem ondas?
* Can I borrow your board?: Pode me emprestar sua prancha, por favor?

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