Bansko Bulgaria

Are you considering a trip to the ski resort in Bansko, Bulgaria? Are you interested in what Bansko has to offer beginner and advanced skiers alike? Read our guide for more facts and information…

The Bansko ski resort is located in the south-western region of Bulgaria as the resort is nestled at the foot of the Pirin Mountain.  The main camp of the resort is found at 925 metres above sea level; however, the slopes extend far above this altitude into the mountains. The mountain peaks near the town meaning that as soon as you arrive at your resort the atmosphere of winter and skiing surround you for the duration of your stay. If you decide during your winter holiday that you need a break from skiing the city also offers numerous rich cultural and historical aspects such as shops, churches, and quaint cafes. The city itself has a low population of about 10 000; however, during your stay it may appear that the city is much larger as the resort is flooded with tourists from all over the world. It may also be significant if you are deciding between ski resorts in Bulgaria that the Bansko resort offers rail service many times daily from nearby major cities that have international airports.

A Resort Town

Bansko ski resort is considered the most developed ski and winter resort not only in Bulgaria but in all of Eastern Europe and many believe that the experience at this location is comparable to an excursion in the famous Alps; although, the cost is a fraction of the price of the resorts in the Alps. Visits should occur between December and May as this is when naturally snow cover is virtually guaranteed; however, if you wish to simply enjoy the scenery of the town travelling in the offseason is a great way to obtain excellent prices on vacation packages. It is also of note that there is a variety of accommodations available beginning with small two star hotels and ranging up to luxury five star resorts.


The resort is clearly one of the finest in the region as not only is it well visited but the park also plays host to a variety of international competitions such as the World Cup Events of many of the winter events that require slopes. The slopes available at this famed Bulgarian resort extend to over 70 total kilometres of tracks which include both downhill slopes and cross country trails. The slopes available are styled to accommodate all levels of skiers with 30 tracks designated for beginners, while 45 are specified for advanced skiers and a further 35 slopes geared specifically for expert skiers.  It is also of note that the resort has stayed modern with the changes in winter sports as the park recently constructed a half pipe for snowboarders as well as a fun park.

Bansko is constantly trying to improve the access to the slopes by creating new and improved lifts and infrastructure. Currently the resort features a new Gondola designed and built in 2003, as well as multiple tow lifts, 4 chairlifts and 3 chairlifts.

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