Hair Treatment Systems in Bulgaria

Do you have damaged hair and are considering a hair treatment system used in Bulgaria? Do you want to learn about the methods uses to treat hair in Bulgaria? Read our guide for more facts and information…

Hair Problems

For many people hair damage is common particularly for those for who enjoy outdoor activities such as skiing in the bitter wind or prolonged sun exposure both of which are common events in the Bulgarian countryside. Once your hair has experienced damage it becomes bothersome as it appears lifeless and drab, because of this many individuals seek commercial remedies but in Bulgaria it is the natural remedies that are most respected. Whether your hair has been damaged by sun exposure, wind, pollution, over colouring or styling damage the natural treatment system is a great and effective alternative when deciding on hair care.

The Product

Within the borders of Bulgaria is the famous Rose Valley and this valley provides the basis for the product as it is rose oil based. Once the roses have been carefully picked from their plants during the harvest season the plants are then distilled and the oil is extracted. Much of this oil is used by itself in aromatherapy and other treatments; however, some of the product is mixed with a butter to create a cream that can be applied directly to damaged hair. The natural properties of the product work to repair the damage and the high vitamin content acts as a deep conditioner which nourishes the hair and scalp.

How to Apply

This product is very simple to use as all you will need is your fingers and a little bit of patience. In order to ensure that all parts of your hair are covered equally with the product the hair should be parted into segments: it may be helpful to use clips or elastics to secure these segments, however this is not necessary. Once the hair has been separated the product should be massaged into the hair but also the scalp; it is important to massage gently as vigorous motion can cause further damage to your hair. The product should then be washed out and styled as you would normally: the longer that you allow the product to sit, the more effective the repair will be. In fact, many users of this system believe that best results are obtained if the product is allowed to rest overnight before being washed out in the morning.


This hair and scalp treatment system can be used on a daily basis as well as periodically throughout the year. Once you have used the treatment you should notice a marked improvement in the appearance of your hair instantly; through continued use your hair will gain strength and be able to maintain the healthy appearance. The Bulgaria system helps the hair manage stress which works to prevent breakage and split ends and as an added bonus your hair obtains a present aroma. It is also of note that this product is beneficial for men and women alike as the scalp treatment can help to restore hair growth to those who may be experiencing hair loss.

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