Golden Sands Bulgaria

Do you want to learn about the beauty of Golden Sands in Bulgaria? Are you interested in learning what a vacation to Golden Sands offers? Read our guide for more facts and information…

It appears at first glance that the name of Golden Sands is drawn simply from the beautiful sand that lines the beaches of the city but in fact that people gave the city the name from one of their legends. There is a legend that exists in this part of Bulgaria that the beaches of the region were once visited by pirates fleeing with a bounty of gold. The pirates were concerned about being overtaken and losing their riches so they decided to hide the gold on the beaches; however, a form of magic is believed to have occured and the gold was transformed into the sand that exists today.

The Village

The village is generally considered a resort town and is primarily populated by foreign visitors and also day visitors from surrounding regions as the major city of Varna is only 18km away from Golden Sands. The village is the largest resort on the Black Sea coast and is home to some of the longest beaches in the region. The village is also close by to some mineral springs that are not only geologically ancient but famous around the country. The weather in the village is also excellent for enjoying beach life as it is generally 27-30 degrees Celsius.

Your Stay in Golden Sands

The hotels in Golden Sands are truly state of the art as they offer a variety of services to accommodate you during your stay including wireless internet. Once you decide to go and explore the city there are a variety of restaurants, taverns, snack bars, and cafes where you can enjoy traditional and exotic foods. In Bulgaria the most common dishes you will experience consist of bread, yogurt, milk, cheese, tomatoes, paprika, potatoes, onions, fruits, brandy and wine. Your stay doesn’t have to be limited to beach life as you can visit the mineral springs for a healing opportunity, visit monasteries to experience the Bulgarian culture, and it is easy to visit the city of Varna.  In regards to culture the village is also home to the cultural centre which exhibits the Bulgarian art and at night the enjoyment can continue through visits to local casinos, night clubs, and bars.


If you enjoy sports, Golden Sands will offer you plenty of opportunity to enjoy sports you know as well as to explore different sports. There are beautiful tennis and basketball courts as well as beach volleyball courts. There are also modern bowling alleys and open air fitness centres along with mini golf and golf courses.  There are also opportunities to go cycling through the town and along the beaches allowing you to enjoy some physical activity while experiencing the countryside. This Bulgarian city also provides visitors with many opportunities to go horseback riding along the beach as there are numerous stables available.

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