Bulgaria Sunny Beach Resort

Are you considering a trip to Bulgaria? Do you want to enjoy a summer adventure at the resort at Sunny Beach? Read our guide for more facts and information…

Sunny Beach is a city that has been turned into an area renowned for its resort as it offers residents and tourists alike the opportunity to relax on the beach and soak up some sun. The city is located in the south of Bulgaria along the coastline known as the Black Sea Riviera. The water that surrounds the beach is a semi circular bay which maximizes the coastline and offers travellers much natural beauty to enjoy. The city is close to the historical town of Nessebur and those who venture down the cost to the village gain the opportunity to explore the culture of the country.

The Scenery

Sunny Beach offers a combination of the best of both parts of Bulgaria as not only does it have a beautiful sea coast but it also features magnificent mountains in the background. The beach itself is over 8 km in length and is covered with golden sand that is perfect for sunbathing on or engaging in a variety of activities. Not only does the golden sand litter the beaches but natural dunes are formed along the beaches and for those who are enjoying the water, it is calm and peaceful as it does not experience noticeable tides. The area is also unsurprisingly graced with beautiful weather as during the months of May to October the region experiences 1700 hours of sunshine.


When you arrive in Bulgaria you will have a variety of hotels to choose from when deciding where to stay; these hotels range from 5 star to 2 star resorts and include a variety of amenities including swimming pools, and fitness centres. It is also intriguing to note that many of the hotels offer child care so that the children have the opportunity to play with others their own age while the adults go out and explore the city. Sunny Beach is also filled with more than 150 restaurants offering travellers the chance to enjoy not only food familiar to them but also authentic Bulgarian meals.  At night when the sun finally goes down there are many bars and clubs to enjoy for the night and if on your vacation you decide you would like to travel outside of Sunny Beach it is possible to travel by bus to nearby towns including the capital Sofia.

On the waters of Sunny Beach you can obtain instruction in yachting and you can experience wind surfing, water skiing, motor launch cruises, para sailing, hang gliding as well as swimming. On land the activities don’t end as there are facilities to engage in such as a tennis match, a bowling game and a round of mini golf. It is also common to enjoy riding on the beach, cycling, archery or a game of volleyball meaning that your time in Bulgaria will never be without a dull moment.

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