Best Fishing Lures in Canada

Want to learn more about the best lures for fishing in Canada? Read on for facts and info on which lures are best to use when fishing in Canada…

The Trophy Walleye, the Northern Pike, the Muskie, the Small Mouth Bass and the Lake Trout are some of the most popular fish to hunt for in Canada as they grow to sizes not normally found in the United States. Also the fish are very abundant in the Great Lakes region as well as across other provinces in Canada.

The Lead head Jig

The lead head jig is a multi-purpose lure used to catch walleye, northern pike, lake trout, and the small mouth bass. It is inexpensive and available in many colors. It is called a lead head jig because it has a lead sinker with a hook molded into it. The body of the jig is made of rubber or silicone. You can put minnows on the lure or you can fish without them. The quarter-ounce size is most popular for the fish mentioned above and the one-eighth ounce is also used when the fish are sluggish.

Spinner Baits

A spinner bait is another inexpensive lure that is available in a variety of colors. It has one or more metal blades designed to spin like propellers when cast in the water. The northern pike seems to be more attracted to these baits as it is to the lead head jigs above. Spinner baits are used when fishing to the sides of lakes or in the weeds.

Walleyes can be baited with a combination of a lead weight, hook, spinner blade, and some beads. When you put a minnow on the lure, this can produce excellent results on a slow fishing day. This combination is often called a walleye bait rig.

Crank Baits

Crank baits are great for bass fishing and the northern pike can also be fished with it. The crank baits have a lip or bill in the front which helps get the lure down into the water, the overall shape deciding the depth of the dive. There are also two treble hooks on the bottom and the baits come in a plethora of colors and shapes. Your fish and tackle shop can help you select the right one for the fish you want to catch.


These are usually metallic and shaped like the bowls of spoons with a hook attached. They are available in a bewildering array of shapes. Some of the simpler ones are great for fishing northern pike and there are shapes and colors optimized for the lake trout. The Five of Diamonds Daredevil Spoon is good for both pike and lake trout. Bass can also be fished with spoons but then bass can be fished with just about anything.

The Blakemore Roadrunner

This jig head is an inexpensive lure that is excellent for catching walleye and pike. You can fish with or without a minnow. A quarter ounce size, like for the lead head, is ideal for these fish.

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