Health Insurance for Visitors to Canada

When you travel outside of your home country, it is unlikely that your insurance coverage will go with you. Read on to find out more on health insurance for visitors to Canada.

Health insurance is an important thing to have if you are visiting, moving to or temporally working in Canada. International students are also encouraged to have health insurance, as well. If you do not have health insurance in Canada you could be paying a lot more money since Canadian healthcare is known to be expensive.

RBC Insurance offers three plans for travellers and visitors to Canada. Plan I includes up to $25,000 in medical insurance, covers anyone up to 84 years old and has only a $50 deductible. Plan II is essentially the same as Plan I but provides up to $50,000 in medical insurance. Plan III has no deductible and only covers people under 69 years old. It covers up to $150,000 in medical emergency insurance and includes dental. 24 hour assistance is available for all of these plans. The assistance is multilingual and will tell you which hospitals your insurance is accepted. Coverage lasts for up to one year on each of these plans and users can buy online, over the phone or in person or at an RBC Branch.

Safe Visit is a website that focuses on health and travel insurance for visitors, students, workers or immigrants to Canada. For a person on a work or student visa from the United States, they can get up to $10,000 coverage for a $576 premium. For a family that is  visiting Canada for one month, insurance premiums range from $122 for up to $10,00 coverage to $360 for $150,000 in coverage. You can also choose from several deductible values. These plans cover treatment from a doctor, outpatient charges, medication and emergency dental. You can get a quote or apply for insurance on their website or over the phone.

Kanetix is like the Orbitz of health insurance.Once you input all of your information in the search engine, a list of insurance providers and their prices will appear. For example, for two adults and one child visiting Canada for one month ranges from $91 to $183 premiums with varying deductibles and coverage options. Kanetix offers free quotes online and an online order form.

Health insurance is good to have if you are moving to Canada and waiting on other provider to approve your policy or simply visiting for a lengthy amount of time. Getting sick or hurt is never planned so health insurance is a must for any savvy traveler. Look around on various websites to find the best price for the coverage that suits your needs.

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