Native American Girl Doll

Looking for a Native American Girl doll? Want to know about all the different styles of Native American dolls available? Read our guide for more information on choosing the right Native doll for you…

The only Native American Girl historical doll sold by the American Girl company is a doll name Kaya. This is an American Girl doll that is 18” in height and was released for commercial sale in 2002. The Native American Girl doll represents a 10 year old girl from the Nez Perce tribe of Idaho. Kaya is a historical doll and the year it represents is 1764. The American Girl company flagship dolls are historical and are aimed at providing young girls an insight into life at a particular period in American history.

The Native American Girl doll is dressed in a deer skin dress that is trimmed with fringe. The doll wears lace up moccasins on its feet and it has long black hair that is braided. The braids are secured with special shell hair ties. A brown belt is tied around the waist of the doll. The Native American dress style is authentic of the Nez Perce tribe from 1764. The doll’s hair can be brushed and styled.

The doll can be purchased on the American Girl website with a host of accessories that are authentic to the time period and the Native American tribe, Nez Perce. There is a belt pouch and bag which can be carried by the doll. A necklace made from pretend clamshell beads and porcupine quills is very attractive when placed around the neck of the doll.

Among the animal dolls which can be purchased separately as part of the Native American Girl doll set is a white foal with black mane and dark brown spots called Sparks Flying. Small baby animals are also available for purchase from the American Girl website. These include a brown, white speckled baby deer called a fawn, a small furry white rabbit and a black bear cub with tan coloured ears.

American Girl Stores

The American Girl company sells its doll merchandise online, through catalogues and in specialist stores called American Girl Place. The American Girl stores stock the whole range of historical dolls with their accessories, furniture, animals, books and clothing line. The stores also have a doll hair salon and a doll hospital to fix broken dolls.

Native American Girl dolls are perfect for young American girls who want to know about the history of America!


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