Canada Goose Jakke

Want to buy a Canada Goose Jakke? Read on for facts and info on the high quality Canada Goose Jakke…

Canada Goose Jakke is synonymous with high quality outerwear for extreme cold weather all over the world. Canada Goose has been manufacturing high quality, and innovative outerwear for the last 50 years in Canada.

The product is famous all over the world and utilized by both consumers and professionals who want to protect themselves from the cold.

Canada Goose Jackets Preferred By Professionals And Consumers

The Canada Goose Jakke is supported by people in New York, Milan, Toronto, Stockholm and Tokyo because the brand has a reputation of high quality, style and functionality. It is standard issue clothing at the South Pole research facilities and Canadian high Arctic.

Canada Goose Fights the Worst Weather Conditions

Since the jacket is constructed with high quality weather resistant material, the down insulated travel and technical inspired outerwear protects the users from the totally harsh gale force winds of the North Sea to the mind numbing cold in the Antarctic region.

Bearers of Canada Goose clothing will vouch for its functionality as well as its durability in extremely cold weather. It has been used in the far off northern communities in Canada which are covered in ice throughout the year, Arctic expeditions and even climbs to Mount Everest.
In fact they are considered essential survival tool on oil rigs where the torturous damp cold can be mind numbing along with the South Pole research stations which are as remote as they are cold. These jackets are created out of function and purpose that they must serve and each element in the product is designed to meet the demands of those who are faced by extreme weather and require a durable product to keep them safe and warm in the cold climate that they have to face day in and day out.

Authentic Canada Goose Products

Since the Canada goose brand is highly popular the world over, there are many fakes abounding in the market. However, these are easy to spot because the material is quite flimsy and glossy and the interior does not have goose down for the required warmth. Perhaps the best giveaway is the fur around the hood of the jacket which is quite ugly looking in the fake ones.

Another way of identifying fake Canada Goose jackets is to note the country of origin and production. Authentic Canada Goose jackets are available from selective retailers all across the world however those manufactured in China and other Southeast Asian countries are completely fake and do not provide the resistance to extreme weather thereby posing a threat to your health and wallet.

Field Tested By Those Who Thrive In Harsh Environments

As a matter of fact Canada Goose products are field tested by people who actually live, play and work in the harsh environments which demand high-quality protective clothing. There are items like the Constable parka which was created after getting insight from law enforcement agencies, along with the expedition parka which is supported by almost every scientist on the South Pole. This popularity and endorsement by those who really require comfortable and secure clothing in harsh weather truly makes Canada Goose Jakke a product of its environment.

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