Motorcycle Helmets Canada

Want to buy motorcycle helmets in Canada? Looking for a specific motorcycle helmet in Canada? Read on for facts and info on the different kinds of motorcycle helmets available in Canada…

Each province in Canada follows universal motorcycle helmet laws like other countries. There are mandatory use laws covering all riders and specifically catering to riders under a certain age which could be 18, 19 or 21. Most motorcyclists fail to understand the need of wearing a motorcycle helmet to protect their neck and head while driving a motorbike. It is unfortunately a truth which rings home only when a motorcyclist is involved in an accident and suffers irreparable damage or injury to the head region.

Canadian Laws for Safety and Comfort of Motorcyclists in Canada

It is not necessary to find out that motorcycle helmets save lives after being part of a fatal or near fatal accident. When a motorcyclist is involved in an accident unfortunately there is not much to protect the body and head from impact but a motorcycle helmet plays a vital role in safeguarding the head and neck area from fatal injuries. Since Canada does not intend to learn and prove that motorcycle helmets save lives the hard way, it has the best motorcycle safety laws in place. It is considered the world leader in motorcycle safety and has long-standing strong national training programs and helmet laws firmly in place. There are thousands of motorcycle riders in Canada who have completed the Canada Safety Councils Motorcycle Training Programs thereby ensuring that there are safe riders on the streets.

International Quality Standards of Motorcycle Helmets in Canada

Most motorcycle helmets in Canada have a limited lifetime warranty and a clear coat finish on top of the material which shows that the paint and graphics are protected. The helmets are constructed to meet and exceed both helmet safety standards set by the European importers title ECE 22.05 and DOT FMVSS-218.

Modern Construction and Design of Motorcycle Helmets

With increasing awareness of motorcycle safety motorcycle helmets in Canada are available in a variety of designs and specifications to meet individual needs. The high quality product is not synonymous with the bulky motorcycle helmets of yesteryear. In fact now the aerodynamic shell design construction uses highly advanced technology to create a flush fit and quick release with a single turn screw face shield with side covers.

The interesting thing to note about motorcycle helmets in Canada is that the shield itself caters to optical correction and has a compound curve and scratch resistance on its surface along with providing UV protection. The helmet liner and cheek pads are usually made with anti-microbial nylon and this material is hypo-allergenic.

Convenient and Durable Variety of Motorcycle Helmets in Canada

Interestingly the face shield can be removed and allow the user to ride with an open face or use goggles for ensuring safety of the eyes while riding a motorbike. Some helmets have ample ear cavity space which allows the users to use speakers and there are ventilation points on the forehead, side, top, rear and chin created by vents. To ensure easy carriage the motorcycle helmets in Canada are provided with a cloth carrying bag. The motorcycle helmets in Canada are usually constructed with lightweight composite poly-alloy making it convenient and durable.

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