Canadian County Assessor

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The location of the office of the Canadian County Assessor is misleading at first glance as the office is not located in the country of Canada, but rather in Canadian County in the city of El Reno in the state of Oklahoma. Canadian County Oklahoma gets its name from the Canadian River that runs through the region. The Assessor is responsible to evaluate the property of a county with a population of 106 079. The current Assessor of Canadian County is Ronnie Funck and the office of the assessor is located at 200 North Choctaw, El Reno, Oklahoma. The office of the Assessor is open weekdays from 8am to 4.30pm. If the hours of the office of the Assessor are inconvenient for residents of Canadian County the website of the assessor also offers tax forms for the residents to download. The Assessor is a prominent figure in Canadian County as the office is required by law to maintain all real estate value and to physically inspect each parcel at least once every four years.

General Services

The Assessor of Canadian County is primarily responsible for evaluating property in the region for the purpose of taxation; however, the evaluation of property is also used for insurance purposes. The Assessor helps to obtain property data on the region and maintains records of the gathered information. The office of the Assessor also is responsible for mapping the ownership of land and in Canadian County it is common for a rectangular survey system to be used. The evaluation conducted by the office of the Assessor serves as an estimation rather than a concrete property value. The office of the Assessor of Canadian County also provides the residents with access to tax forms including business personal property rendition, Freeport exemption declaration, application for homestead exemption, and the application for manufactured home personal property exemption.

Appeal Process

The office of the Canadian County Assessor strives to provide high quality service to the residents of the region; however, it is not uncommon for certain residents to feel that the evaluation of their property is unjust, which can prompt an appeal. The evaluation of the Canadian County Assessor should strive to be of market value or fair cash value. This terminology means that the price at which the property is assessed should be a price that would see the property willingly bought or sold. If an owner of the property feels that the assessment is unjust taxpayers may lodge a complaint in response. It is important that a taxpayer of Canadian County who is filing a grievance be able to adequately express their problem with the assessment as well as providing evidence of what they believe the true market value is. The office of the Canadian County Assessor also cautions that exemptions and appeals are not always granted or successful and that often they require physical visits to the property meaning a time delay. In response to the time that an appeal requires, it is important for residents to file appeals and exemptions well before the tax deadline in order to ensure they are filed on time.

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