Canadian Wedding Decorations

Looking to buy Canadian wedding decorations? Read ahead to find out how a Canadian wedding decoration can be incorporated with others to make a special wedding theme…

When planning a wedding, Canadian wedding decorations will allow you to create your personal signature and transcend your style to every element of the wedding decorations.

For a picture-perfect wedding you can use any of the multitude Canadian wedding decorations to get the effect and theme you want for your wedding.

Getting Started with Canadian Wedding Decorations

The myriad Canadian wedding decorations give you the creative outlet to orchestrate your dream wedding. From the invitation cards to the pre wedding directional signs, everything can be personalized.

To start with, you must have a clear idea of the ceremonies and events and the best way to do this is to make an event program. Based on this you will be able to decide the themes and subsequently the decorations required.

The next step is to see the venue and decide what areas are to be decorated. This again will allow you to customize the Canadian wedding decorations to your requirements.

Canadian Decoration Ideas

Tulle and ribbon bows add charm and softness to the ends of the pews and can be finished off with silk roses matching the color scheme of the overall décor. Use tulle rolls or mesh rolls to add a light and airy feel to the pews and aisles and complement the brides dress.
Designer and basic aisle runners make a fabulous route for the bride to walk out on and then the bride and groom can exit on the special carpet once married.

You can have colored or white silk petals to throw on the bride, these are traditionally Hydrangea or Rose flower petals. The twinkling electric lights can be used in pure white or yellow to add glitz and glamour in a soft way to the wedding reception area.

For Jewish weddings in Canada, there is a Jewish Glass Breaking Ceremony for which you can pre-order a special Pouch to contain the broken glass. For a lucky charm why not use a horseshoe with Tiger Lilies wrapped all over to decorate the car.

Pets are not left far behind and can be adorned with Best pet bows along with tuxedos for animals to show them off in style at the wedding.
The traditional sand ceremony can be replicated with the basic Canadian wedding decoration of votives or vases containing colored sand to mark the significance of this ceremony at the wedding.

For those who are no longer in the world and hold a special place in the memories of the two families, it is a good idea to have ‘in memory’ cards at the occasion to remember them and their importance in the lives of the newly weds.

Personalized Canadian Wedding Decorations

Candles, ring bearer pillows, invitation cards and seating markers are other Canadian wedding decorations which can be personalized with the initials or the family crests if required.

Don’t forget the traditional figurine of the bride and groom for the cake top. You can have a romantic couple lounging on the beach or add a touch of humor by using the same couple set on ski jets, a scooter or in a football tackle!

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