1890 Turkish Mauser

If you are a big fan of rifles and guns, you would probably know how an 1890 Turkish Mauser looks like. Do you want to know more about the 1890 Turkish Mauser? Then read our guide for more info…

The 1890 Turkish Mauser is charger loaded and has a five round with single stack internal magazine. The stripper clips are cheaper now-a-days, and can be disposed of easily, unlike those in the previous models. Also, the magazine can also be readily recharged any time. While these descriptions may sound like the rifle was based on the Gewehr 88 of the German Imperial Army, it is not. Gewehr 88 was not even a Mauser,  and the 1890 Turkish Mauser was in fact, the 1890 model that was actually made for the new power cartridge of the Mausers during that time.

Features of 1890 Turkish Mauser

The 1890 Turkish Mauser was built around a one-piece bolt with two opposing locking lugs. Unlike the 1871 or 1884 Mauser models, the removable bolt head, which previous models once had, were not included in the  making of the 1890 model. The receiver bridge at the rear was also solid and had bolt sleeve features for Mausers.

1890 Turkish Mauser is a Military Gun

This Mauser rifle was captured by the British and was then distributed to the Belgians while similar models were also sold to Argentina and Spain. The 1890 Turkish Mauser is a military gun and throughout history, it was the first weapon that could shoot modern ammunition (as opposed to pellets and gun powder).

In the later years, Belgium and Spain decided to make Mauser models for their own, based on the features of the 1890 Turkish Mauser. Among the changes that therifle model  underwent were the removal of its hand guard and the proofing of its barrel and receiver. Even the rear sight of the original 1890 Turkish Mauser model had been replaced to fit the pattern with that of the M1889. Original Turkish markings were retained.

The rifle model had undergone a lot of changes with the advent of time and had turned into an ultimately different model with various other features.

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