Fishing Charleston Lake Ontario Canada

Are you interested in a fishing trip to Charleston Lake in Ontario, Canada? Do you want to learn about the unique beauty of Charleston Lake? Read our guide for more facts and information…

Each year many people spend countless hours enjoying fishing and a country getaway. Charleston Lake in Ontario, Canada is an ideal vacation spot as it offers the opportunity to enjoy boating, fishing and a beautiful landscape. The Lake is a popular visiting spot for residents nearby as well as travelers from around Canada and abroad.

The Lake

Charleston Lake is located in South Eastern Ontario in Charleston Lake Provincial Park. Charleston Lake formed historically by carving out a part of the Frontenac axis in the bedrock of the Canadian Shield. Charleston Lake offers beautiful scenery year round. The unique collection of bays, inland, coves and cliffs offer countless excellent locations to enjoy fishing from. The shorelines of Charleston Lake are but one way to enjoy the lake’s excellent fishing conditions as it is very popular to spend an afternoon boating and fishing in Charleston Lake.

Charleston Lake can accommodate many boats and visitors as the Lake is relatively large. Charleston Lake runs about 9 miles long and at its widest point about 4 miles wide. Once visitors venture out onto the lake by boat, the navigation is also relatively relaxed as Charleston Lake is very deep reaching over 450 feet at many points.


Charleston Lake in Ontario, Canada is one of the best fishing spots in the area. The lake and its miles of beautiful shoreline attract visitors from near and far. It is popular to visit the lake for as little as a day up to a month long vacation. During the summer trips to Charleston Lake are especially popular. Charleston Lake is within driving distance to central hubs such as Kingston and Brockville, Ontario which are about 45 minutes away. The Lake is also accessible by car to Ottawa, Ontario and Toronto, Ontario, which are one and a half hours and three hours away respectively. During the summer months it is also common to see visitors from the United States spending time enjoying the fishing at Charleston Lake.

Fishing Season

Fishing is a common reason to visit Charleston Lake; however, before you can fish on the lake it is important to follow legislative guidelines. First of all, anyone who is fishing in Ontario, Canada must ensure that they have a valid fishing license. Also, Charleston Lake is regularly patrolled by police meaning that safe boating practices are essential to enjoying one’s stay. Finally, although different fish are available throughout the year at Charleston Lake, it is important to follow the outlined fishing seasons which vary slightly from year to year. The season for Northern Pike, which is a popular catch, usually runs from mid-May until the end of December. Large and Small Mouth bass on the other hand are in season from the end of June until the end of November. The season for Lake Trout runs from the end of May until early September. Finally, fishing is available year round as the season for Perch, Crappie, and Bluegill are open throughout the year.

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