Villa for Rent Italian Riviera

Going on holiday to the Italian Riviera? Looking for a villa to rent? Whether you want a luxury beachside villa of a simple rural cottage, our guide gives you the information you want.

The Italian Riviera is a place in Italy that is recognized as one of the most beautiful places in Europe. The natural beauty of the region attracts hoards of globe trotters all year round. People are attracted by its wonderful weather and the long strip of white sand beaches that are surrounded by numerous coves and cliffs. For nature lovers the Italian Riviera has a lot more to offer than the rest of Italy does. We have all heard of the great art works of the brilliant artists that the country has produced but why not visit the region that was a source of inspiration to many of the artists of the country. The Italian Riviera is a place that is a must see for anyone wishing to explore Italy.

Luxury Villas

The Italians have long realized the great profit generating potentials of the region and for the purpose of reaping the rewards they have developed a tourist friendly infrastructure in the area. To make it further profitable they have developed the area along the lines of luxury. Hence most of the people coming over there are on luxury travel trips. One of the ways in which the Italians seek to cater to the tourists is by developing villas. These villas are available for rent to the travelers. The villas offer them a great place to stay with all the modern essentials that they could need. Many antique buildings that display amazing architecture have been refurnished to serve as villas to the tourists. On the other hand the region has a multitude of ultra modern luxurious buildings.

Rural Villas

Ideally one would want to rent out a villa situated on or close to the beaches. This will give you the chance to revel in the cool sea breeze and enjoy the wonderful view of the distant horizon and the cliffs and coves. On the other hand if you are more interested in intermingling with the people of the surrounding towns then you have the chance to rent out a villa in the neighboring towns. The town by the name of Portofino is one of the most famous places in the region and is first base for many of the travelers that come to visit the Italian Riviera.

Your budget may also decide the location that you will most likely be able to afford. The beach villas are no doubt the number one choice but they tend to be more expensive than the inland villas due to their popularity. This is not to say that the inland villas are not good because some of the best villas are available for rent in the small towns around the Italian Riviera. By building world class villas they have tried to attract the masses that would otherwise be going for the beach side villas. The competition between the towns is tough and often times the smaller towns tend to give the larger ones a run for their money. All the four seasons of the year are peak seasons to visit the Italian Riviera hence it is imperative to book your villa in advance.

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