Magnum Jackets From Canada Goose

Want to buy a Canada Goose Magnum jacket? Want to know what makes magnum jackets special? Read on for facts and features about this incredible winter jacket…

Amongst the wide variety of jackets and coats that Canada goose produces is the famous Canada Goose Magnum Jacket. Made for the toughest of winters the jacket has earned its reputation as being a highly comfortable, warm and fashionable jacket providing the wearer with everything that he requires.

Canada Goose Magnum Features

The company regards this particular model of jackets to be paramount in the styling that it has to offer. It is also regarded as the pinnacle of quality for Canada Goose products. It is a highly versatile full-length parka with the casual appeal yet a certain sense of business elegance. What makes this particular jacket unique is the fact that it is well-suited to every lifestyle. This is one of the reasons it is regarded as being one of the most popular jackets produced by the company.

The product has been made using the trademark poly cotton Arctic Tech outer shell fabric. This outer shell fabric has been treated with their patent Teflon fabric protector. This makes your jacket durable and resistant to the effects of weathering. An all duck down filling is what makes this jacket incredibly warm. You will be able to survive in the most bitter of winters wearing this incredible jacket.

A new free hanging style has been incorporated into the design of the Canada goose Magnum. This includes 100% down proof nylon lining which adds to the value of the jacket. Another unique feature of the jacket is the patent dri-release performance fleece that has been embedded at the collar. This unique fabric dries at least four times faster than normal cotton while resisting piling and wrinkling as well, this makes the jacket more wearable as it requires less maintenance.

On the inside you will find the Canada Goose Magnum jacket to have a Tech pocket that allows you to carry CD players, Pocket PCs, MP3 players and other such devices. You will also be able to find two more pockets on the inside that can be used to carry your wallet and cell phone. The fact that the pockets are on the inside will keep your electronic devices well protected.

The jacket is embedded with embossed Canada goose snaps from Scovill. Special side zippers have been embedded in the design  to provide for added comfort. The special coyote fur ruff hood helps to cover the head during this period you can detach the hood using the Velcro system that it has been given. You will also have two chest pockets on the outside along with two larger pockets below on the front side. These pockets are covered by flaps that help to keep the contents secure.

All these features combined make the Canada Goose Magnum jacket one of the most comforting and fulfilling jackets ideal for places that receive extreme winters. The fact that it has versatile appeal enables people from all walks of life to sport this winter jacket.

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