Raising Canadian Nightcrawlers

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Methods Of Raising Canadian Nightcrawlers

Canadian nightcrawlers have a ready market among fish bait buyers who pay anything up to $40 for every one thousand nightcrawlers. It’s a lucrative business that should interest anyone who’s planning to make money raising Canadian nightcrawlers. These earthworms are ideal as fish bait and can grow to lengths of up to 14 inches long.

When you are planning to breed Canadian nightcrawlers, you should be aware that these nightcrawlers prefer the cold weather and do not survive in temperatures that exceed 18 degrees Celcius. Raising Canadian nightcrawlers would require you to maintain a cold patch of ground for breeding the nightcrawlers. These worms are nocturnal and only come out to forage for food during the night. They are light sensitive creatures, hence the area where they are bred should be kept dark.

You should not shine harsh lamps at the nightcrawlers when they are on the surface of the earth because this will cause them to quickly retreat into their hole. Always use muted light if you need to work on raising Canadian nightcrawlers in your patch. You could use yellow or red bulbs for lamps as they emit a soft light.

There are four main requirements in raising Canadian nightcrawlers and these are moisture, bedding, food and proper pH balance of the breeding environment. The bedding that you use should ideally be damp but not soggy wet. This bedding should be at least six to eight inches deep. Fill the bedding with rotten leaves and other organic matter. Keep the acidity low in your bedding and maintain the pH level at about 6.5.

Harvesting Canadian Nightcrawlers

When your Canadian nightcrawlers are big enough to harvest, place your bedding under a bright lamp. Slide a wooden or plastic plate under the bedding. Remove the top most layer of the bedding. The nightcrawlers will quickly disappear under the next layer to avoid the light. Keep removing successive layers of bedding until you find all the nightcrawlers collected on the plate at the bottom. Pick up each nightcrawler and deposit it in a metal can, counting them out as you drop them in.

Raising Canadian nightcrawlers is an easy task which you can carry out with little equipment. It’s a lucrative endeavor that has a ready market. If you’re not one to feel queasy picking up nightcrawlers, then raising them should be a breeze!

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