Chilean Beaches

Interested in learning about Chilean Beaches? Learn more about the best spots and beaches from North to South Chile…

Chile has 2,580 miles of length from North to South to boast as a coastline. The country boasts a magnificent terrain along the beaches on this ‘seaside’ country. From its border in the north with Peru to the Strait of Magellan in the south, Chile has an immense length of a coastline with changing terrain across its length. There are rocky and magnificent cliffs, paradise islands, hidden coves and sheltered nooks and bays, beautiful white sandy beaches and inlets. The Region del Libertador O’Higgins, in the South however is too wild and fragmented to offer the expanse required for a beach.

The coast is fed by the Humboldt Current flowing north, and has cold water which makes swimming difficult and you require protective gear to indulge in surfing or windsurfing. There are signs all around the place warning of riptides due to the strong currents.

The popular beach resorts or balnearios lie in Central Chile, starting from El Norte Chico all the way south crossing Santiago, till the northern reaches of Region VII called the Region del Maule. This region has a Mediterranean climate, and the days are warm but nights are cooler. Conversely, there are places which have a completely tropical feel like a resort in Caldera.

Central Region

Santiago is the landing capital for tourists as most of the beaches are in close proximity to this metropolis. The accommodation available ranges from luxurious resorts to five star hotels and even campgrounds. The festive nightlife and local cuisine along the strip make it a fun place to be day or night and windsurfing is the most popular water sport in this area.

Popular Chilean Beaches

The internationally recognized balneario in Chile is Viña del Mar. neighboring Concón offers a scenic locale to enjoy recreational sports. For white sandy beach, Reñaca is the place to be however it is not safe for swimming.

Surfing haven Valparaíso is the main seaport in Chile and all five of its beaches have steep drop offs. Yachtsmen favor Quintero since it is a balneario and a marina. The artist colony of Horcón is essentially a small fishing village steeped in art and culture. Many international aquatic competitions and water sporting activities are held in the calm waters of Algarrobo.

The Algarrobo faces the Isla de los Pajaros Niños, Santuario de la Naturaleza which is a sanctuary for the Humboldt and Magellanic penguins. The most pristine and gorgeous beach with forested hills and white sand is found in Zapallar while sea fishing is at its best in Papudo’s steep drop off. The steep drop off and calm waters of El Quisco and the pine and eucalyptus forests of Maitencillo lay bare a breathtaking scene of nature unfolding in front of your eyes. Another popular beach is the El Tabo for fishing.

Cachagua has a beautiful beach facing an island with the same name and is home to the Santuario de la Naturaleza which offers a safe haven to Humboldt and Magellanic penguins. There are many more wonderful beaches to explore and discover in Chile and enjoy a plethora of natural beauty.


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