Chilean Real Estate

Interested in Chilean Real Estate? Looking for property in Chile? Read our guide for facts and info on the benefits of investing in real estate in Chile…

Chile ranges over diverse typographic terrain offering you the chance to invest in real estate by the coastline or at the foot of its mountains. Along with the beauty of the landscape there are many other things that may intrigue investors to seek out property in Chile.

In current times, despite the economic meltdown, Chile has a thriving economy. Statistics show that Chile currently has the strongest sovereign bond rate in the whole of South America. Further development in Chile continues ensuring that the value of the land and the country itself is bound to increase in the future.

The Chileans enjoy a high standard of living. Yet the costs of living are remarkably low. The prices of daily items are fairly low which means it’s a great place to live. However prices of property may vary according to the area. One of things that sets the Chilean real estate market apart is the fact that social perception plays a great deal in determining the value of the property.

There are certain regions that may not be the best of places to live, yet the prices of land over there are higher because people consider it to be a posh area. Similarly there may other regions giving you a property of the same size but at five times lesser just because the social perception of that area is other wise.

For the foreign investor this is one of the key areas where he can pick up a good deal. For the foreigner, the social perception really doesn’t matter. So he can go for an ideally suited property in a great livable area that is being marketed for a cheap price due to the social perception that people have about that area.

The fact that the Chilean society is remarkably honest is another factor that intrigues many to invest in the region. Corruption levels in this part of South America are very low. Add to that the sheer privilege of witnessing a wide array of seasons and sceneries throughout the country and you have another factor that may lead you to invest in Chilean real estate.

The rich cultural heritage of the nation manifests itself in many ways throughout society. This is yet another element of Chile that gains the country immense value. On top of this Chile is a stable democratic nation with little or no civil unrest. This means that the investment opportunities in the region are immense and at great value.

There is a wide variety of cheap Chilean real estate at bay. From large lots up to forty acres to exquisite four bedroom houses with panoramic views of the snow capped mountains and the oceans are included in the kind of variety you will be able to find in the region. On the other hand if you are looking for a big bargain then there are great typical single family homes in the suburb areas that are being marketed at nominal prices.


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