Chilean Flag

Want to know more about the Chilean flag? Read on for facts and info on the official flag of Chile…

The national flag of Chile was adopted on October 18, 1817. With its two equal horizontal bands of white on top and a red and a blue square at the same height of the white strip and the hoist side end and has a white five  pointed star in the center. The blue band symbolizes the sky and Pacific Ocean, the white represents the snow clad Andes and the red commemorates the blood spilled for independence. The star is a guide to honor and progress and all these noble attributes are consolidated in one design with elegance.

Chilean Flag Hisory

On July 4th 1812, the first Chilean Flag was raised at an independence banquet when the United States had gained independence. The flag was designed under the auspices of the government of Jose Miguel Carrera during Chile’s struggle for independence.
With the victory of Chacabuco, a new banner replaced the previous one where the blue, white and red stripes were substituted for the previous yellow. This was in the year 1817 and the design is attributed to Juan Gregorio Las Heras.

The colors, explained above were chosen from the verses of Alonso de Ercilla which spoke of the warrior attributes of Mapuches during the Conquest. This flag was so similar to that of the French Revolution and it was often mixed up with that flag hence it disappeared 5 months after its design and was replaced with the third Chilean Flag.

The present day Chilean Flag was conceptualized by the then Minister of War Jose Ignacio Zenteno and was made official on 18th October 1817 and was used in the oath of Independence. The proportion of the flag color strips were set in 1854 and the diameter of the star finalized in 1912.

A popular but unverified legend states that the Chile Flag won the most beautiful national flag in the world contest circa 19th century along with the national anthem.

Flags Bearing Similarity to the Chilean Flag

• The U.S state of Texas introduced its flag 21 years after that of Chile but bears startling similarities.
• The first flag of the Confederate States of America known as the Stars and Bars is also similar.
• The Flag of Liberia is a close match to the Chilean Flag.

Chilean Flag Etiquettes

Chilean Law states that citizens may raise the flag on the National Day holiday, September 18th and the Army Day September 19th any inappropriate displays can be fined.

Hoisting on a Pole

The flag must be suspended from the top most height of a white flag pole. When displayed with the flags of other countries, all flags must be of the same size and flown at the same level. The Chilean flag must be the first to be raised and last to be lowered.

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