Colombian Emerald Gold Ring

Colombian emerald, considered to be the finest in the world with regard to its diaphaneity and intense green hue, is often used to embellish gold rings for various occasions like engagements, weddings and birthdays. Read our guide for more facts and

Emerald is made from Beryl, and its green color is imparted by impurities, particularly chromium. Its origin dates back to nearly four thousand years, when it was initially mined near Aswan Dam, to the south of Cairo. The oldest known discoveries made in Egypt were called ‘Cleopatra’s Mines’ and it is known that emerald was Cleopatra’s favorite stone. The best emeralds were mined by Incas and Aztecs in South America. The word ‘emerald’ is derived from ‘smaragdos’, a Greek word through ‘esmeralde’, an old French word; and it means ‘green gemstone.’

Origin of Colombian emerald

Spaniards who arrived in South America spent years looking for the green stones that were highly regarded by the Incas. Their search came to an end at Chivor, which is also called Somondoco (God of the green gems). Later on Muzo and Cosquez were discovered, and they are the richest emerald mines in the world, containing the finest stones. It is believed that indigenous groups of people living in Bogota’s savannah started exploiting emeralds in about 500 BC.  Colombian emeralds differ from other emerald deposits in their green color, which is uniquely vivid, saturated and bright, unimpaired by blue tints. However, a few inclusions are acceptable. Colombian mines also bring forth the rare Trapiache emerald, which is characterized by six rays coming forth from its central point, making a star pattern, reminiscent of the spokes of a mill-wheel.

Colombian emerald gold rings

Colombian emeralds are popularly used in rings, owing to their well-cut shape and distinct pattern. Blended with tradition and culture, they go well with modern jewelry designs. They may be studded on various precious metals, such as silver, gold and platinum to grace special occasions. A yellow gold band would be quite suitable for an emerald centerpiece. The brilliant radiance of emerald encrusted plainly or with elaborate designs on yellow gold makes an attractive piece of jewelry. Besides, steel-colored metals like titanium and white gold are also used in exclusive emerald rings. A yellow tinted emerald stone set on a white gold ring makes an exquisite piece.

Emerald eternity rings are spaced with diamonds, and are lively gifts for weddings or anniversary stones. Antique emerald rings, which are centuries old, and vintage emerald rings have crept into modern fashions, and are a favorite among celebrities. Emerald rings depicting gothic designs have also gained popularity.

Interesting facts about emeralds

Emerald rings are said to symbolize immortality and faith, and the emerald stone is said to possess the highest healing energy, compared to other gem stones. For those who believe in wearing zodiac-based gemstones, emerald is related to Taurus, Cancer and Gemini, particularly for those born in May. Known to be the precious stone encrusted on Jewish priest’s breastplate, emerald means ‘glowing coal’ as translated from Ancient Hebrew.

Fine Colombian emeralds in top quality are considered more valuable than diamonds. Though yellow and blue are found as secondary hues, the primary green hue determines its value. Lighter toned stones are called green beryl.

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