Native American Martial Arts

Interested in Native American martial art? Want to know about the various Native American martial arts techniques. Read on to get a comprehensive overview of this unique art of fighting…

The Native Americans were generally known to be peaceful people. However when triggered they had the potential to be the fiercest of warriors. In fact they had their own science of martial arts that went by the name of Chuluku-ryu.

This was a very powerful and philosophical form of martial arts. This ancient art of fighting is still relevant to modern times. Native American martial arts were based on eight outer aspects of the body. According to the experts any art form dealing with the physiological body is associated with these eight outer aspects. In Chuluku-ryu these aspects are arranged in the form of the eight wheels of movement.

Native American Martial Arts Outer Aspects

The foremost outer aspect that every Chuluku-ryu trained fighter needs to possess is balance. Naturally when moving in different directions and employing different techniques you need to be able to maintain balance. Coordination is another integral aspect which is essential to maintain. Power is also counted amongst one of the eight aspects and so are speed and timing. Ironically even relaxation is part of the eight outer aspects. The last but not the least of the eight aspects is attitude.

The wheel is arranged in a manner that lets you see where you need to employ each aspect and in what concentration. The wheels of movement can help you to achieve maximum efficiency with the least amount of effort. Basically it helps you achieve balance in all inner aspects.

Native American Wheels Inner Aspects

Chuluku-ryu is also associated with inner aspects. These are arranged on a medicine wheel. The Northern region is where the mind is at. The spirit is in the East and the emotions are housed in the South. The West is where the body is and the center of the circle is taken as the place for ki as well as sexuality. Much like the Yogis, the Native Americans too believed in channeling sexual energy to fully develop the inherent power in human beings.

The way Chukuku-ryu works is that the fighter needs to maintain all outer aspects in all of the inner aspects. However maintaining emotional balance is crucial to progress in this field. Mental coordination is a must in order for you to be able to maneuver properly. This obviously has a major impact on the fluidity of movement.

Native American martial arts requires the artist to have the insight to visualize each technique in advance of the technique being practiced so as to be able to make a smooth transition from one phase to the other.

In its essence Native American martial arts is a fighting style that can only be perfected with total involvement. Having a good physique and perfect technique is not enough to succeed in Chukuku-ryu unless and until you have full emotional control.

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