Indian Bridal Sarees

Want to buy Indian bridal sarees? Read on to discover the exquisite variety of Indian sarees and find the perfect Indian bridal saree for your big day….

The Indian bridal saree is the quintessential outfit for the bride on her wedding day in India. The fashionable yet traditional outfit is now worn in different styles during weddings in India. With the new trends in fashion the Indian bridal saree has been modernized and is draped in different styles. This elegant and traditional looking outfit is a significant part of Indian tradition.

Traditions behind the Indian Bridal Saree

The bridal sari is made of different fabrics and is chosen according to the preference of the families along with the weather and place where it will be worn. You can find the most heavily hand woven saris in Banarasi or Kanjeevaram style which is basically pure silk woven with golden thread. Apart from this cotton and silk are favorite materials along with the fashionable lace, crepe and georgette.

Quality and Value Of The Indian Bridal Saree

Each part of India has its own different style in creating the Indian bridal sari in terms of weaving techniques, embroidery and materials used to design a particular look. There are protected areas which create expensive silk saris in the southern parts of India and use pure gold to create the heavy and rich bridal sarees. In the more pricey varieties it is known that if you pull out all the golden threads then you can get approximately a thousand grams of pure gold and melt it to retain the gold!

The Indian bridal sari is available in different price ranges starting from a couple of thousand and in some cases crossing the half million mark. This mainly depends on the originality and type of embellishment on the fabric. While designer sarees may be the most expensive and exclusive, it is also possible to get heavily worked traditional outfits made by local artisans that cost you half as much. There are a myriad of styles which are incorporated in creating a beautiful and unique landscape on the 5 1/2 yards of material which encompasses the Indian bridal saree.

Different Embellishments on the Bridal Saree

You’ll find beautiful styles incorporating the use of mirror, pearls, sequins, kundan and other semi precious stones to highlight and accentuate the embroidery. Embroidery is normally created out of silk thread, silver or gold wire called zardozi, tilla and zaree. The different techniques used to finalize the design on a traditional Indian bridal saree are scalloping, cutwork, patch work and borders.

Since the saree is now worn in different styles, there has been a lot of focus on working heavily on the border that is either worn in the front or the side after it is draped over the shoulder. This part has been embellished more and more in the coming years and allows you to wear your Indian bridal saree in different ways.

The bridal sari is given great honor as the centerpiece in the bridal trousseau and thus packed with beautiful decorations to showcase its beauty when being presented to the bride.

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